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  1. Thanks, I had checked the source code for the controller class after posting my reply and came across 'Ext.Logger.deprecate('\'views\' is deprecated as a property directly on the ' + this.$className...
  2. app1 is my bad. I did rename the folder app1 but one above, as I was wondering where that 'app' came from.

    The real problem is the insertion of /view/ in the path. I have the minimum code needed...
  3. Still getting the same errors. Code that was working with touch 2 pr 3 doesn't run with any of the beta versions, including beta 3.

    If, in the main app controller, I specify

    views : [
  4. Thanks Ed. I will check it out.

    What I am trying to do is figure out a good way to write re-usable widgets. A widget could capture an editable event calendar such as this one:...
  5. Thanks for that. Patiently waiting for next release, then.
  6. The second aspect of the discussion was how the recommendation of using Ext.ux (or ux) for user contributed content could hinder the development of an ecosystem around Sencha.

    If I go to...
  7. I would really appreciate if you could provide a working example. I have been looking on github and googlecode and couldn't find any example using custom path structure.

    If I try to deviate from...
  8. Another aspect of these reverse url conventions for namespaces is how easy or difficult you can make it to re-use community contributed components.

    With Sencha, it looks like the practice is to...
  9. (prompted by a late reply on a bug already marked as fixed - custom folder structure)

    The reply was about adopting some first letter uppercase vs lowercase convention to differentiate namespace...
  10. Is what you call 'namespace' the alias to a package path?
    (namespaces are typically embodied in packages in java-like languages)

    'MyPath.MyClass' as a shorthand reference to...
  11. Could you also check consistency in the logic.

    In this reply, it was stated

    If you look at applyControllers, the expected check is found

    if (!name.match('\\.')) {
  12. pr4 had broken the custom path functionality (bug report)

    Beta 1 appears to load controllers from a custom path but not views.

    In the main app controller

    views : [...
  13. Perfect. Thank you.
  14. Thanks, that's all that is needed.

    I assume this test case:

  15. Initially posted in the pr3 to pr4 gotchas before I bumped into this post. The exact same issue and report as webexplorer123.

    In pr3, in, a controller path was extrapoloated...
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    From pr3 to pr4 custom paths cannot be used anymore with views and controllers declarations.

    controllers: ['App.Section.Controller.SectionController']
    views : [ 'App.Section.View.Main'...
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