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  1. Quick patch for this issue.
    It also fixes a related issue with increment. For instance, if you have a minValue = 7 and increment = 3, you would expect the next step to be 10. The original code would...
  2. I've encountered the same issue with ST 2.0.1.

    With a minValue = -50 and a maxValue = 50, the thumb won't move past the first half of the slider. If I drag it over the label, it can reach negative...
  3. Not that I know of. There's ParisJS ( but it's not about Sencha in particular.
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    That code works for me. What do you do differently?

    var p = new Ext.Panel({title:"p"});
    var p1 = new Ext.Panel({title:"p1", html:"p1"});
    var p2 = new Ext.Panel({title:"p2", html:"p2"});
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    maskRe is a JavaScript RegExp.
    You can learn to write regular expressions here :
  6. labelAlign : 'top' ?
  7. I'm not sure you can do this with the Date.format function by default.
    You could define a custom renderer or add your own date format pattern and use the date.getUTC* functions :
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    If you don't need a fully featured GridPanel, a custom template for the combo is a good option. See this example
  9. The card layout is probably what you need (for the center region).
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    It looks like VZcloud.cloudPanel is a Panel instance and that you use it several times. The 1st time you remove it from its owner component, it is destroyed (See the API documentation:...
  11. ! ( /* condition */ )

    Are you familiar with JavaScript? If not, you may want to get more comfortable with it before diving into Ext JS.
  12. Based on what I see in your code sample, I'd say :

  13. Have you tried using viewConfig ?

    viewConfig: {
    getRowClass: function(record, rowIndex, rp, ds){
    if(the product code is correct){
    return 'correct-row';
  14. This directory is a great idea ! If anyone wants to organize a Sencha user group in France (Paris ?), count me in !
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    Je l'ai pas vu passer donc avec un an de retard sur le topic : +1 paris
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    I found the guilty in ListView.js at line 195

    "maxWidth: Ext.isIE ? 99 : 100,"and in VBoxLayout :

    case 'stretch':
    stretchWidth = availWidth - horizMargins;
    calcs.width =...
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    I've the same issue :
    A panel with a vbox layout (align : 'stretch') and 2 items (a listview & a panel).
    The listview doesn't fill the width of its parent but it works if I use a panel instead.
  18. I have the same problem : custom tags works on methods but not on classes.

    @Simonici :
    There is a call-template : <xsl:call-template name="class-custom-tags"/> but it fails on the <xsl:if...
  19. @MaximGB
    That's a really good ux you write here ! I just wanted to point out that there are two variables put in the global namespace : left and level. The fix is simple, just add level and left in...
  20. Do you have a complete example ?
    If I add such a text to a toolbar, the link is working. Maybe you're using the text of a button and not just text.
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    Do you follow these instructions ?

    And especially this one :
    2. Edit /ux.PrinterFriendly/config.js and set the value of...
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    You are trying to use an user extension but it looks like it's not loaded.
    Are you sure you have these files :
    <script type="text/javascript" src="ux.PrinterFriendly/config.js"></script>
  23. When a class provides an xtype, you can use it in a config (json) object instead of using the "new" operator.
    See the docs to know the xtype of each class :...
  24. If you want to get all the values for a specific field : store.collect('field'). For instance :'SectorID');
    If you want the Ext id of the records, maybe you can use...
  25. I used 'datachanged' only for the sorting problem (duplicating the code just above). I think it's necessary to applySort() since we may have added new records and we have updated old records with new...
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