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  1. Oh you mean IDE other than eclipse/Android Studio, hmm that's difficult since not much option of IDE for sencha and currently I also prefer using sublime text than heavy weight IDE :D, but for...
  2. yes, its possible but you must download the plugin for eclipse or android studio, see the guidance at genymotion download page :!/download
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    hi Gil,

    I'm planning upgrade to sencha complete, since I'm already using sencha architect v2 can I still have a discount ? I just read the promotion offer for sencha complete upgrade ended in...
  4. Android kitkat 4.4 now using new WebView implementation built on Chromium, so yes it will support web socket. ~o)
  5. Hi Everyone,

    After I build my app into production and opened on browser, I got this message on browser error console :

    LocalStorage Quota exceeded, cannot store...
  6. Did anyone having this issue ? :((
  7. Hello,

    I know this is old topic, but I got this problem too since my sencha touch project getting bigger.
    I got this message when opened my app (build production)

    LocalStorage Quota...
  8. I got the same problem, all icon images not showing if my sencha app compiled using phonegap and displayed on webview android.

    I already checked this problem happen on Android > 4.2.x
    On my...
  9. Yes, it's the same still error. For simple project it's OK but for bigger project its error. Now I'm going back using Sencha Cmd v3.1.1.274 which is run well no problem at all.

    I hope this problem...
  10. Still have the same error, I already upgrade to Sencha CMD

    Now I'm stick with sencha CMD
  11. Sencha CMD, using sencha touch 2.3 beta 2.
    My App consist of 38 View + Controller, Model and Store. I also test it on my windows machine (Win 7 64bit, 8 GB RAM) , the problem still the...
  12. I build my sencha touch app with

    sencha ant cordova-build-production

    And error

    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

    I use Mac OSX 10.8.4 , 4GB RAM.
  13. How do you solve the issue ? I have the same problem
    For simple sencha touch app it's fine but when I try to build with bigger app (many views,model,store etc) it will error
  14. Hi linuxyf,
    Could you explain how you resolved the problem, I'm trying to display jquery sparkline on a panel also but it doesn't show up. Any suggestion :-/

  15. cool, It's gonna be very useful coz for now I more prefer using phonegap compared with sencha native packager. Waiting for the screencast ~o)
  16. I got the same error when trying to build to iOS device, but if I built to iOS simulator everything was fine no errors. Any suggestion ?

    I'm using Mac OSX 10.6.8
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    I'm using Ext-4.1.0 now.
    I already tested on MS Office 2007 (windows), Style.js fix made by rdominelli does work but still show a warning when opening the file.
    On MS Office 2011 (Mac) it doesn't ...
  18. Hi everybody,

    I want to change the dropdown arrow image on selectfield component , how I can do that ?
    I've already tried adding saas code on saas file, something like this

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    thx, I'm using this component on my app and work great ~o)
    I have idea to add search box on top of the list so we can do searching also, but I'm still working on it not finished yet.

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    Some tutorial how to use this component would be nice if you don't mind :)
    Thx, good component
  21. ah I see. but is there a way to add cookies (via HTTP headers) when doing ajax request in mobile browser ? I'm a little bit stuck here

    For ajax request, I'm doing something like this :

  22. Why I cannot use cookies ? It's because Ajax Javascript limitation or sencha not supported yet ? thanks
  23. Hi mitchellsimoens,

    How did you manage the cookies issue ? I have the problem with cookies thingy too, the API I connect to is require the cookies to be send also in each Ajax request ,How I can...
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    can we set the minimum value in date (eg : 05/07/2012), not in Year ? In the documentation I only found 'yearFrom' and 'yearTo' config options to set the minimum and maximum on datepicker

  25. Thanks for your reply Carlo,

    Here is sample json url I try to access :

    After a few testing, apparently my ajax request to this url also failed on...
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