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    I'm also experiencing this (in Chrome only as you've stated)....friendly bump for this bug ~o)
  2. Hi all,

    I know that is used to differentiate between loading particular files for whatever device is detected...but could there be a use case for loading the views/controllers of...
  3. Try adding something like...

    listeners: {
    el: {
    tap: function(event, el) {

    delegate: 'div.delete-button'
  4. Hey guys,

    Is there any way to "focus"/move the current view to a certain element on your page, maybe even without a scroller?

    Let's say clicking on a button adds a <div> above the top of your...
  5. From my experience, I would recommend sticking with 1.1 for now but keeping yourself exposed to 2. There are quite a few things missing in 2, along with the documentation being VERY early. ...
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    Is there a replacement in ST2 for setting up gesture listeners on components when defining or creating them? Thanks!
  7. I was going through the same issue...found the solution here:

  8. Still trying to come up with a solution for this, tips anyone? Thanks.
  9. Noted, thanks.

    When I tried the layout schema in the example you provided, the grid would still clip the boundaries. When I removed the east/west and removed the border layout (just as a test...
  10. Thanks for the reply, Animal. Getting the panels to size automatically up to the current screen size seems to be fine. The issue is coming up when I load data into the grid that exceeds the browser...
  11. Hey all,

    I've been driving myself up a wall trying to establish the appropriate layout for this problem (image attached below diagramming layout). I'd like a parent panel/container to be able to...
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