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  1. I have some Jasmine specs set up and running for my app. I tried integrating Blanket.js earlier this morning and then realized I needed to manually include with data-cover all of my files, along with...
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    In this example an

    An Uncaught TypeError: "cannot call method 'addCls' of null" is thrown on every single...
  3. Hello,

    I've looked at this thread: for 3.x but there doesn't seem to be any replies.

    I also found...
  4. He obviously knows about Ext.ux.GroupTabPanel since it is part of the title of this thread.​
  5. Why is it that in the linked example:

    When I hover over the first header, "Cannot call 'addCls' of null" shows up...
  6. :)) Thanks!

    This looks like it's exactly what I need and more!

    I wasn't expecting the grouping functionality, but that definitely looks useful. =D>
  7. Oh my. I wasn't expecting that to show up.

    What I was trying to do was grab the values in the title of a Panel that was styled in using something like

    title: '<div...
  8. Thanks tobiu,

    I figured it out in the end ^^
  9. Hello,

    I've found this nifty plugin that claims to do exactly what I want, but unfortunately it's out of sync with ExtJS 4.2.1's FocusManager.

    The plugin functions basically like a TabPanel...
  10. If you ever get back to working on this plugin...

    When I tried to install this with ExtJS 4.2.1 by simply

    Ext.define('myVerticalPanel', {
    extend: '',
  11. Is it possible to do this without using the form id...

    I'm dealing with a lot of anonymous forms here.
  12. I'd like to use a textfield like a prepopulated label but also submit the prepopulated values.

    Going off of a <a...
  13. Thanks
  14. Hello, I'm a new developer to Ext.js.

    I have an object that will generate multiple objects in a database based on the contents of the original object.

    For each object that's generated, I'll be...
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