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  1. this solved the problem, thank you!
  2. Hy,

    my problem is that i can't send the value of a datefield to the PHP backend of my application.

    These are my steps:
    1) the datefield:

    xtype: 'datefield',
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    i can't use this tool cause i have no running windows installation.
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    i want to use this uploaddialog, but i can't get it to work.
    i have a tabpanel that holds the button to show the upload form (works)
    when i add a file and click on upload i get an error.
  5. it works.

    thank you
  6. Hy,

    my goal is to combine multiple fields in a store object, to display in a combobox.
    these are my fields in my store:

    {name: 'id', mapping: 'ID'},
    {name: 'salutation', mapping:...
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    ok, i found the problem. i inverted the fields in the store object of the 2 comboboxes.
    so my contact store had the fields companyname, and my company store had the fields: salutation, first_name...
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    ok, in my firebug, i see that i have 13 responses for companys.

    if i now set:

    oMemberOfComboItems.load({params:{start:0, limit:20, query: ''}});
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    yes i set the load.
    you can see it in the last code box...the 2 last lines
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    so this is what i do with your code:

    the store objects for the 2 combo boxes:

    // the datastore for the owner combobox
    var oMemberOfComboItems = new{
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    yes, but this isn't solving my problem.
    now i can set a string as value in the combo.

    but what i want is to choose the correct value/string combo out of a store object depending on the ID field...
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    i have a form where i load a data record to edit.
    in the form i have a combobox. the values of this are received via a store element.
    so now i have the problem to set the correct value into...
  13. has no-one an idea?
  14. now i got it.

    it was a problem in returning the values.
    i wrote this:

    // return json output
    return '({"result":" '.json_encode($aData).'"})';
  15. this is the function that is executed when a button in my grid is clicked:

    function showForm(aFieldData) {

    // the datastore for the owner combobox
  16. thank you.

    i use firebug, but i need to spend more time in using it.
    i don't find my variable and their values.
    i only use it to monitor ajax request.
  17. ok, i included your code, but the result is the same.
    i see shortly the search bar and than it disappear. i can't see the searchresults in the combobox. :(
  18. Hy,

    i have a remote combobox running which deliver me a json response from the server.

    ({"result":" [{"ID":"89","Company":"jhjkh"},{"ID":"91","Company":"jhjk"}]"})

    but this response...
  19. yes, when i uncomment this line, i don't get this error message

    here is my full function

    * function that retrieve the full record from the DB
    function getEditRecord() {
  20. sorry i can't find my error:

    // return json output
    return json_encode($aData);

    give this output:
  21. thank you,

    now it works.
  22. OK, i found the time to implement the function to get the message box running.
    but now i have to problems left:
    - the first is the width of the...
  23. aaahhh, i could get this solution by myself...this was easy.

    But thanks for your reply, it works perfectly!!!
  24. Hy,

    i have a gridpanel. if the user select a row and click the edit button, i send a ajax message to the server to get the full data of the selected row.
    this is running.
    firebug show me the...
  25. Hy,

    i have a grid panel with php backend.
    i included the search plugin.
    my question is now:
    what schould the php backend send as response when it found no matching record in the db?

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