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  1. My apologies Bruce, I'll try to see if that is an issue unless it has been fixed in the new release? Please let me know.
  2. I have build Build date: 2013-05-16 14:36:50 (f9be68accb407158ba2b1be2c226a6ce1f649314) and its the most recent upgrade release but this is still not fixed in it.
  3. You should be able to sort the store on load which in turn will show the boxselect items as sorted.

    On your store just put sorters: [FieldName] etc.
  4. nm figured it out. you have to give the grid an id and then override the .x-form-text css class to height: auto
  5. Has anyone been able to get the BoxSelect auto expand (when selecting multiple items) to work in a tbar of a grid?
  6. When I run the ComboFieldBox with the typeAhead: true I am unable to select multiples via typeAhead. However, If I add multiselect: true then I get an error that you can't have typeAhead and...
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    How would I do that?
  8. can you post the code of your grid?
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    I have an htmleditor within my form and if I put in a hyperlink via the link button I am able to Ctrl+Click on it and it takes me to the link when using Firefox and Chrome but in IE it will only...
  10. How would I override a setValues method for either the form or the field?
  11. So what you're saying is there is no way to use the custom "complex" datatype within another model to bind to a form?
  12. So I have a custom type = {
    convert: function(v, data) {
    return Ext.ModelMgr.getModel('reviewerCommentModel').create({
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