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  1. Thanks a lot mitchellsimoens

    I am getting data of node from property attributes (node.attributes).
  2. Hello All,

    I am newbie to Ext JS. I am working on Ext JS 3.3.
    I have set XML as dataUrl of the tree with checkbox renderer.
    On checkbox selection, I am able to get name of the node but I am not...
  3. Thanks tvanzoelen

    I got solution.
    I have added 'attribute.checked = true' while loading XML by 'XmlTreeLoader'
  4. tvanzoelen

    Thanks a lot for ur reply.

    I am working with Ext JS 3.3.
    I have tried adding attribute 'checked = true' for each node in the XML, but still not getting tree with CheckBox...
  5. Hello All,

    I m newbie to Ext JS.
    Ï am able to set up JSON as dataUrl for tree with checkbox.
    I need help to render tree with check box where dataUrl is XML.

    Thanks in Advance,
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