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  1. @Adam.Elkins:
    Check out on this thread:

    I had the same problem,so...
  2. I ended up doing my own implementation of ListFilter<T> and ListMenu<M,V> classes.
  3. How to do this:

    I have an entity like this one:

    public String getProperty1...
    public String setProperty1
  4. No problem. Sometimes the simplest things give you the biggest headaches. :)

    Tnx anyway,
  5. Hi Colin,
    thank you for prompt reply.

    As it turned out, things are a bit different when using PagingLoadResults<T>, after all.
    The problem was trivial,but I lost quite some time figuring it out....
  6. Hi all,

    i have a problem with paging request factory grid.
    If I try to fetch entities that have related entities(lazily loaded) through request factory,and show results on paging grid, i run into...
  7. Sorry for the late reply,

    I now have another problem...keypress doesn't fire when "enter" key is pressed.
    I guess it is supposed to fire like any other key?! It was working in beta3.
  8. Hi Colin,

    autoValidate that works on getCurrentValue method instead of getValue would be perfect.

    Currently,autoValidate also suffers from the same problem described above,so if you could...
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    It could be done like that, but we(as a company) can not rely on doing that all the time.That is not acceptable for us.
    For me personally I can get used to not using the designer, but when you have...
  10. Hi koenjan,

    the "@Path" annotation is what you are looking for:
    From the GWT docs:

    "The @Path annotation may be used on the field or accessor method to specify a dotted property path or to...
  11. Hi Colin,
    thank you for your reply.

    The problem is that I'm not the one calling the getValue method...instead, the validators are doing it, like in the example I posted above.
    I added simple...
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    I can also confirm this bug using Beta3.
    Also, I tried adding FocusHandler to button,but focusEvent never got fired.
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    I had the same question:

    seems like there is no intention to support it -...
  14. Just to update the status: in Beta3 still not resolved.
  15. I know there is similar bug reported for NumberField/SpinnerField, but it seems there is a bug on TextField and on all widgets inherited from CellComponent.

    To reproduce it, simply add one...
  16. The problem can be seen in this( ) sample, and I can reproduce it in my code.

    When you go to the example above,click on "hello world"...
  17. Hi gishmo,

    I have tried calling forceLayout(), but without luck.
  18. Hi,

    i have a window on wich I placed Tab control,and then dynamically add new tabs as needed.
    Each of tab items contains a Grid that is displaying some data on it and has an aggregation row....
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    I can also confirm this kind of behavior.
    First I thought that it has something to do with my code,but going through source i saw that value is not saved properly.

    Using 3.0beta2.
  20. Never mind, figured it out - have read about GWT Editor framework a bit...
  21. Hi everybody,

    i'm trying to figure out how to display properties from related object in a grid.
    Let's say I have entity object called "Song",that is relating to "Genre" object.

    Now,what I want...
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    Hi Frank,
    I know that WYSIWYG editors are awful code generators as such,but they are sometimes necessary - enabling you to quickly create fine looking GUIs. Especially when you have a team of...
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    Hi Edmund.
    Thank you for taking the time to answer.
    It's too bad that this is not on the roadmap. I mean, in all of out projects we heavily depend on some sort of WYSIWYG editor - i believe that is...
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    Will there be official support for GWT Designer for GXT 3.0?
    If not, is there any other GUI builder/designer tool we can use with GXT 3.0?

    Asking this because of this info from Google team(Eric...
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    Interested in the same thing.
    Any news on when will at least beta going to be available?

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