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  1. Hello everyone,
    I'm looking for help to complete a theoretically simple task with ExtJS 4.1.
    Consider the following code, where I define a container which contains a textfield and a button:

  2. thanks, I didn't know Ext.Img class.

  3. Hello everyone,
    I'm working with ExtJS 4.1, my task is to create a form with customer's logo at the top.
    The frame on which I'm writing my own code is this example, from Sencha's website:
  4. Thanks for articles you attached, I'll read them to learn more about config options.
    Do you know a good book to study Extjs 4 ?
    I found some books by surfing the internet, but they are all about...
  5. Hi skirtle,
    thanks for your tip, but I believe this is not my case.
    If I set 'forceSelection' to true I force the user to select one of combo's items and prevent the possibility that user types...
  6. Hi skirtle,
    thanks for your tip, but I believe this is not my case.
    If I set 'forceSelection' to true I force the user to select one of combo's items and prevent the possibility that user types...
  7. Hi Rob and thanks for intervening in this discussion, I appreciate all suggestions ;)
    I've set up config option 'hiddenName' because yesterday I found a blog about ext js combo box where a user...
  8. I've found a possible solution for this matter, it isn't very elegant because it performs a forcing, but it makes the form work correctly during submit.
    Here's the code, I hope it could be useful...
  9. Good morning Scott,
    thanks for replying my question!
    Your code is ok, but unluckily it doesn't help me to solve my problem.
    I'm not sure a hundred percent, because I'm a newbie to javascript...
  10. Hi guys,
    I have a problem with a combo box contained in a form: I expect that it submits 'value field', but it actually submits display field.
    This is the code to define the combo box:

  11. I wrote a new version of my code, it works fine so I've decided to post it here, maybe it could be useful for someone.

    Here the code:

    <?php function...
  12. Hello everyone,
    does anyone know how to set a pre selected value in a combobox?
    Thanks in advance.
  13. Sorry, I made a mistake in my previous message, I wrote:

    the message 'Saving Data...'

    but I meant:

    the message 'Loading...'
  14. Hello Scott,
    first of all thanks for replying my question. This is a sample of JSON string returned by 'load_customer.php' :

    {success:true, "data":[{"id":"2","company":"Studio...
  15. Ext.require([


    Ext.define('customer', {
  16. Thanks Scott, actually there was a conceptual error in my question, becouse the tool to handle the click event of delete icon is the handler function.
    I need to handle the event raised by user, when...
  17. Hi guys,

    I need a little help for a matter about action column.
    I have a grid with an action column to manage the deletion of grid rows, the only item in such action column is a delete icon.
  18. Well, it seems it works.
    After modifying code as you suggested the error doesn't appear anymore in javascript console, so I believe that Ajax request to 'delete.php' has been correctly sent.
  19. Hi everyone,

    I'm facing an issue in using 'Ext.util.JSON.encode( )' method and I don't know how to overcome it.

    This is the situation: I have a grid filled by a data store called branch_store,...
  20. Thank you very much !
  21. Good day everyone,
    I'm working with ExtJS 4.1 and I'm trying to write a code to automatically hide an alert message box after a certain time duration.
    I typed following code:
  22. Replies
  23. Replies
    Hello everyone

    can anyone kindly explain me the meaning of following syntax:

    dateFormat: 'n/j h:ia'


    Does this syntax produce a date in format mm/dd/yyyy ?
  24. Hi everyone,
    I'm a newbie to Ext js, I'd like to use it to create good looking user interfaces for web applications.
    I'm trying to understand the source code available in section "Sample and Demos"...
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