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  1. Hi,

    will GXT3 after BETA comes with Open Source License ? or only with Commercial Software License.

    Can you please give me exact date for GXT3 release ?

    We are very much interested in GXT3....
  2. Hi sven,

    Thanks for your response.

    Do you have sample code or example to resolve this problem ?
  3. Hi All,

    In my application i am using 8 TimeField components in formpanel.

    User can select the value from TimeField component as well as he can Type in to TimeFiled component.
    I am using...
  4. Hi,

    I am also facing same problem.

    I want to populate list of nested data in Form Panel.

    For example :

    Order have list of Address(like 1 to many relation ship) . Address have city filed.
  5. To give you an example try in IE8. (See the attachment) Increase the zoom level to say 125% and you can see that the tabs are not getting displayed...
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