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  1. Hi Pulp Fiction,

    I just logged in to respond to you and found that you fixed the problem you were having. Glad you were able to figure it out!

  2. Hello Pulp Fiction. I would not do an Ajax call. I would do it just like I did, using a controller. If you look in my controller, the url is Connect.aspx. You would just have a url of something.php....
  3. Hi Deepindera,

    Here is what I ended up using.

    onShowTap: function(record) {
    this.currentShow =;
  4. I just downloaded SDK 2.1 and installed Sencha cmd and the necessary items it requires. When I generate my app, all that is in the folder is 'cmd', 'microloader', 'resources', 'src', and four...
  5. So do you have any suggestion on what I should do? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for your reply Mitchell,

    I see at the top this message:
    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for SDKTOOLS-222 in 3.0.1

    So that is for...
  7. Hello, I created a web app about 6 months ago and it has been working great until a few days ago. I keep getting these checksum errors. Some people get them, some don't. If you go to the mobile site,...
  8. Mitchell.

    I was looking in the App Gallery and found an App Store app that shows a list of social media sites. You click one of them and the social media site slides up and so does a bar with a...
  9. Could you please elaborate? I am halfway following you. Do you possibly have any type of example?
  10. Ah, that makes sense now. Thanks.

    What about item number 2 in my post?
  11. I had tried that but it needs a record. Here is what I have in my controller for when the 'More Info' button is clicked on one of the shows in the list view.

    onShowTap: function(record) { ...
  12. Thanks again Mitchell for your response.

    Yeah, I think 'sencha app build native' works much better.

    I do have a few questions regarding it:
    When you run this build it creates a 'native'...
  13. Thanks for your repsonse Mitchell.

    What I have is a list of shows. One of the shows is 'The Lion King'. When you click on the 'More Info' button, it takes you to the detail view of the show with...
  14. Hello, I have a button that is outside of a list. I would like for this button to link to one of the list items detail views. Can anyone tell me how you can do this?

    Paul Hochhalter
  15. Hello, I am confused about the 2 different iOS packaging options.

    You can run 'sencha app build native'.
    Then there is 'sencha package build packager.json'.
    With the first one their is a link...
  16. Hello, I have a view that has text, but I want the text to be pulled from a database using JsonP instead of being hard-coded. I have the JsonP file created, the store and model setup, but am not sure...
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    Hi rfdigital,

    I couldn't get the production build to work even with development.js. Then I finally got that to work. At that point I didn't think about trying production.js again. Since you...
  18. I just thought to look in the console and found the following.

    [INFO] [Ext.ClassManager] Overriding existing alias: 'widget.first' of: 'TheFox.view.ConnectMain' with: 'TheFox.view.First'. Be...
  19. A thought game to me to upgrade my app from v2.0.0 to v2.0.1.1. This partially fixed the problem. Now when I do a test build, the splash image and loading indicator display, but it stays on the...
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    Well, some how I finally got the production build to work. I did some various cleanup on some files and now it works. I wish I knew what made it work so it could help someone else.
  21. Hello,

    I have a site I am working on that has a splash page with a loading indicator. There is also some css to change the a carousel indicator colors. Both of these work great. But for some...
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    In testing with Google Chrome console I did find a javascript error and I resolved it. I am stilling having the same problems though. I went into app.json and found that it shows a javascript error,...
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    I will do that tonight and hopefully I will find the error. I will post back here what I find.

    Thanks for your help with this and the other items you have helped me with.
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    Yeah, I knew that wasn't the logger bug; I am not sure what that is.

    I am not using the new keyword; I have read to not use that.

    Is there an easy way to find JS errors?

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    This is the error that I see in the cosole. I am not sure what the logger bug is.

    [ERROR] TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function

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