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  1. I have a project in EXT JS 4.0, which uses MVC architecture. Now I am trying to move that from 4.0 to 4.1.
    The problem I am facing now is, the application is not at all running. It is giving the...
  2. select( Ext.selection.RowModel this, record, Number index, Object eOpts )

    record holds the selected row object.
    just use
    record.get('/*fieldName*/') to get particular cell's...
  3. According to my rquirement I want to get the index of the selected row of a grid, whenever a sort event&amp;nbsp; (the default one of EXT JS4 )occurs.<br>Please help.
  4. Thank you. It worked.
  5. My requirement is:
    i want to take an input date from a datefield, and then display the value in xtype: displayfield.
    the problem is: currently the value is being displayed like this-
    Thu Mar 1 ...
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    Could not get it. Could you please help me by editing the given code?
    Or can you just tell me whether it is at all possible or not?
  7. Thank you for your reply, this was helpful for me
  8. my code is as below:

    items : [
    xtype: 'button',
    text : 'Delete',
    width: 120,
    style: {
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    As per the scenario we have a menu in the parent screen from where on the clickevent of any menu item
    will open a new pop-up window.Each pop-up window is basically a jsp where the content for ...
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