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  1. Sorry for creating duplicate report on bug, BUT I wasn't sure how to explain the problem to properly search to see if this issue had been mentioned or already reported by other members, which I can...
  2. Hello,

    I was browsing the new examples of EXTJS with the Chrome browser and noticed that the "quick-tips" message boxes were being truncated?

  3. Yes, that would be good!! I really would like to use this feature in my application, but was hoping it had been resolved.
  4. Not yet, I've encountered the same problem and it's sorta important for my application especially when users still seem to be using the WinXP / (some browser) combination

    I really like this...
  5. This is the same issue I encounter described in the following thread:

    It still does not appear to be fixed...
  6. All,

    To reproduce the potential issue:

    If you go to the following example:

    Type in a invalid date --> 09//12/2010

  7. All,

    Is DataView or DataPanel the right component to display simple grid data such as a first name field?

    I'm working with the AJAX example and would like convert an existing program that...
  8. All,

    It seems like all the examples have phone_startup.png & tablet_startup.png, but I never see it displayed before it gets to the example.

    Picker Example:

  9. All,

    There is a screen flicker issue with the picker example after selecting the rank field. This could probably be any field though with a drop-down.

    The issue is also visible in the...
  10. It might be helpful to have a brief description describing the expected behavior of the examples.

    For example, describe if the user should have the phone in the vertical / horizontal position...
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    I configured Apache on Fedora 13, with the default configuration took about 5-10 minutes. Much easier than what it used to be and that solved the issue as others have stated above.
  12. I develop my application and want to test it out on the iPhone for example, do I need to copy the code onto my phone or I just go the website address via my phone to test out the code?
  13. All,

    When testing out the form example on my Iphone, I can't return to the top of the form after selecting a couple of festures. It seems to lockup the form until I hit the back button to load...
  14. All,

    I was configuring my setup and testing out the picker example. It's in the center of the screen when I test it out in the Safari browser as expected.

    My Question

    Should the picker...
  15. All,

    I'm running the Apache webserver on Fedora 13. I was interested in the Picker example and tested this example in Safari 4.0.5 browser on Windows 7. The picker example behaved as I expected...
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    How long did it take to get all of the controls sized properly to fit on the screen? That must have been fun
  17. My current setup:

    Vista Service Pack 2
    Intel 2.93 Ghz CPU, 12 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 295 1.7 GB Video Card

    VMWare 7.1: Fedora 13, WinXP, Windows 7, Vista Environments

    I'm still trying...
  18. I hope so because even when running the android software on the emulator seemed to be slow. The browser took a long time to load, switch between screens and menus, etc. Haven't tried the new version...
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    No, I just unzipped it on the desktop on Vista. I figured that if everything was contained within the directory would be o.k. I'll try uploading to my webserver to see if that fixes the issue.
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    I downloaded the .82 beta and I'm having trouble accessing the API. When I click on the link in Firefox, IE, Safari, I get the rotating logo of EXTJS, but nothing ever loads to show the...
  21. I've been working with both Internet Explorer and Firefox with the EXTJS demos apps. It seems to me that the Firefox always seems to repsond faster than Internet Explorer.

    I've been working with...
  22. I updated the screenshot to display the text box. Would the spotlight come over the Review Form to the specfic field or would it be drawn "behind" the form like it is currently in the spotlight...
  23. The spotlight greys out everything behind the form on the example page. Do you mean where the "spotlight" would only zoom in on the incorrect fields? Or the the spotlight is "transparent layer" and...
  24. Yes, move the thread to allow for more discussion.

    I wasn't sure if it was bad design on my part when using the form, but when I saw the spotlight utility, I thought it would be a good way to...
  25. All,

    On a form submit, an event can be called to before submitting the data to the server to be processed and the data can be validated by various built-in vtypes. I noticed the spotlight...
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