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  2. How do I configure different 'root' for List (GET) and Add (POST) operations? Extjs 4.2

    var store = new{
    model: 'folder',
    autoSync: true,
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    I'd like to draw a path while mouse moves. looking at the documentation, it seems that I will need to use the 'path' sprite. My problem is that I'd like to draw the path while the mouse cursor is...
  4. Thanks, I would probably just pop all views from the navigation view when user switches to a different tab. the work around seems work ok, but it does make the code messier.

    Or I will simply keep...
  5. It works on ipad/PC/tablet, I believe the problem is the iphone displays the picker in a different way than tablet/pc.

    I agree it may not be a typical use case, but it's so convenient to put an...
  6. Ext.Viewport.add({ items : [ { xtype : 'selectfield', name : 'location', label : 'Site', displayField : 'name', ...
  7. {
    xtype: 'selectfield',
    name: 'location',
    label: 'Site',
    displayField: 'name',
    valueField: 'object',
  8. This will work if I go from A.1 to B.2, but won't catch the case from B.1 to B.2. Obviously I could add the logic to handle the latter case. I'm just wondering there is something else I should catch...
  9. I have a simple application that has 4 tabs (Tab.Panel, let me call them A,B,C and D) and then each of the 4 tabs have a navigation view in them, let me call them A.1, A.2 and B.1, B.2, etc.

  10. so this is just me?
  11. I have noticed since 4.1.2 when I collapse/expand the 'west' region, the center region seems to be removed from the DOM tree and re-added back, more specifically, the collapse seems ok but the expand...
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    I got the same problem. I had to add the items in afterrender call to work around this.

    It only happen in IE (7,8) so far. IE 9 and 10 not tested.
  13. anyone has the same problem in 2.1.1?
  14. Using a simple Disclosure List with group: true, ui: 'round'.
    The last row of the group isn't rendered properly. the arrow button is rendered outside the group.

  15. I will give it a try, where's the related documentation for the @include sencha-loading-spinner;
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    Is there a way to have indentation for Ext.JSON.encode()? The browser JSON.stringify() provide an extra parameter to add indentation, but it is not available to older browsers (e.g. IE7/8)

  17. No, these are not custom css, I dont have a custom css file at all, they are in the /myApp/resources/css/app.css file when the app is generated by the command. But some styles are missing after...
  18. Tried with the latest sencha Cmd v3.0.2.288, same problems. This is how the pull down list look like when the styles are missing.

  19. I'm using the latest Sencha Cmd and Sencha touch 2.1.0

    Used "sencha app build production" to build my application, 2 problems:

    1. the build version of the app.css seems to miss many...
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    Yes, thanks very much. Will these css or images get compiled/built by sencha cmd?
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    In which folder should I put my own icons and my own css files after the following structure is generated by the sencha cmd? I noticed that the index.html does not include any .js or .css files, how...
  22. OK, I get it, so this have to be in native app. the mobile browser isn't working.
  23. Copy the example code from tutorial and it doesn't do anything neither in my iphone or andriod phone.

    source: 'camera',
    destination: 'file',
  24. Sometimes, this 'painted' event seems to fire before the panel is fully laid out. when I do in Chrome:

    The height is 0 and width is proper, tried in my iphone,...
  25. Is there a 'afterrender'/'afterlayout' event or something similar when a Panel is rendered. I'd like to know the size of a 'fit' layout panel, but I couldn't get the size before this panel is laid...
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