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    when the notification is designed to show before creating a new ext.window , the notification will be put behind the new window, then you cannot see it wholly or partially
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    i found it got error message at line 292 within IE7 & IE8
  3. I got a grid panel with an actioncolumn and itemClick listener.

    How can i stop the click event bubbling from actionColumn

    to itemClick listener?

    I have tried to use "return false" within...
  4. when an iniitally checked item becom unchecked , the "dirty" mark works fine, but

    reversely, when an initially unchecked item become checked, there won't show any sign.

    you can find the bug...
  5. In FF, once you click the editable cells in a grid , then you scroll the grid view,

    the editing cell will remain at the same position without scrolling.

    but this won't show up in IE.
  6. I'm a newbie of Ext Js less than 2 wks. I got the same problem too. Here is my simplest testcase. I'd like to incorporate your Demo example of Desktop with a tip of preloader of message at this url...
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