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    Make your own datatype which allows a string/number/bean with an ENUM class to specify of which type it is? Then you can go bean.whatTypeAreYou() and it will reply Types.Bean or Types.String (Types...
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    You may want to look at the fileupload example and people who have said how they have gotten feedback from the server on success/fail of upload. They use a html based form to submit the file, with a...
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    If you click the Nr collumn (so as to sort by nr) does it sort correctly in grouped mode?
    If that works its not too difficult to enforce that by default on render on the client side.
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    Simple question really, with the most recent GWT and GXT packages is it preferable to purchase a tomcat or a jetty server for deployment?
    Any differences in deployment/installation to make it work?...
  5. Cheers, works great.

    And getting all of the text to appear on 1 line instead of 2?
  6. How would you go about doing this?

    I have tried:

    LayoutContainer ro = new LayoutContainer();
    ro.setLayout(new FlowLayout()); //Or FitLayout, etc etc have tried a few

    Html aa =
  7. Its quite simple, i've offered help in multiple ways and you still continue to complain as opposed to doing anything constructive. If you are blind to the advice, thats your problem.

    I really...
  8. GXT is by no means a finished product, nor did you pay for it. You paid for a commercial license to use it. You could have not paid for the commercial license and used it privately and found these...
  9. Ant is a command line based tool where you can just say:
    ant -compile
    And it does everything and generates you the finished product. There should be a top level .ant text file (been a while since I...
  10. Unfortunately not, as I said I gave up with things and got rid of the extraneous code. Would love to see a full tutorial on it oneday though.
  11. I assume by your code that the Remote Procedure Call ability of GWT couldn't do what you require then? Hope the SVN gets working and fixes this for you.

    cbruno - Are you really asking for him to...
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    I was under the influence us GXT'ers relied on the GWT internationalization system?
    Might be quite helpful for you :)
  13. Yea I guess that wasn't a fantastic tip after all. I was assuming you had a half finished product and were doing fiddly bits and IE was buggering you over.

    Out of interest what are you...
  14. Wish I did, I don't have access to the SVN and have never built/compiled from one either. By the looks of things that eclipse solution should build it and stick it into your project for you too so...
  15. Telling whether it succeeded or not is tied in with getting a file upload progress bar working. To do so your fileupload servlet has to be constantly responding with messages (telling how far its...
  16. Do you mean you don't know how to build from SVN?

    Found this on google:

    And its hardly a show...
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    Since theres no way to tell what the user pressed before the value ends up in the box that I know of (to tell if it was a letter/symbol or a backspace) I can't see you getting better functionality...
  18. Picture attached, will do a code-snippet tomorrow when I have the time.

    This is with scrollbar set to ALWAYS - notice its showing up but is clearly masked, and the drop down boxes are rendering...
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    I can't see it being done client side, as how would you make the file available to click on to download? Even just providing it as CVS (in a file not just rendered onto their page in text) requires a...
  20. Isn't it loader.load(config); which actually makes the loader make the call to load information? You attach a new loader to the store but don't appear to ask it to load anything.
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    You could fairly easily write a system to export to CVS (output to plaintext with commas seperating each field and a new line for each record). Excel will read this fine (so long as none of your...
  22. I've not used the TreeStore myself but could you not make your own class extending TreeElement (or whatever it is) and override modify/setValue method and set the modified field yourself?
  23. If its not here:
    Its not possible (in extjs). So by the looks of things, a 3d pie chart is not available. Tbh though the 2d pie charts look pretty...
  24. I have a LayoutContainer with a drop down button in it, on choosing certain items more options then become available. (Added to the same LayoutContainer in various different ways but normally just by...
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    I just chose what eclipse recommended me, and the methods it autoimplemented, and hostedmode likes it fine and works with it but compiled certainly doesn't and doesn't return error either. Will have...
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