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  1. This is only broken in the non-all versions of sencha touch, i.e. sencha-touch.js, etc...

    The breaking code actually exists in all versions but is never called in the _all_ versions.

  2. In set enable.deltas = true.

    In app.json change all your "full"s to "delta". This will add version numbers. when building _never_ provide a previous version to delta from...
  3. The date is already in a string.

    Even if we were to grab the date string, parse it into a date, then format it into a string again, it would still end up as a MS formatted date string, which is...
  4. Here's the fiddle:

    updated original post as well
  5. Saving a string to local storage that contains an MSDate does not encode correctly


    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.3.0
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 30
  6. I've been working with this problem, and have found a workaround.

    parseFunctions: {
    "MS": function(input, strict) {
    // note: the timezone offset is ignored since the MS Ajax...
  7. The date is always written as timestamp because field.dateFormat doesn't exist.

    writeDate: function(field, date) {
    var dateFormat = field.dateFormat || 'timestamp';

    In v2.0.1 The...
  8. We're writing WebDriver tests for our Sencha Touch 2 app. Before the page/view can be tested we need to know that is has been completely loaded/rendered.

    Detecting when the first page is loaded...
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