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    hi all ,
    i was wondering if i can create window layout like this :

    or just remove the window border

    i've been searching in...
  2. hi rob..thanks for your information..
    Let's keep digging and hunting.

    best regards
  3. ups..
    maybe this thread explain what i mean..
    yeah problem solved to..

    thanks so much for all..
  4. hi rob..

    i have a problem with tree to..
    i want to know how to build the tree synchronously ???,
    because as far as i know the tree is build asynchronously..

    could you share some code here ...
  5. hi ghyster thanks so much for your information :D...

    but i need to know how AIR can handle the COOKIES that produced by PHP app..

    maybe anyone in this forum can explain , how AIR can handling...
  6. I were developing an AIR application using HTML/AJAX, which it is intergrated with PHP application..

    Like the common application, we need to authenticate to run the application we going to use,...
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