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    I will try it. ;)
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    That's pretty kind of you, mystix - thank you much for your help!
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    When format string is 'Y' there's information missing, too. But the year of the date object is set anyway.

    I needed a DateField in an editable grid that accepts inputs in format 'W/Y'.
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    Date from first day of year + ((Week number - 1) * 7) Days

    Of course you need both, week number and the year to do that :)
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    Just checked it with format and altFormats both set to 'W/Y' and the problem persists.

    After looking at the source of Date.js I found that 'W' isn't set to "contribute to the date calculations"....
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    Any news on this one?
  7. Hi,

    is it possible to use Ext.ux.form.DateFieldPlus as a grid editor? Hadn't much success trying it (picker appeared but selection didn't work).
  8. Works. Proof attached ;)

    Edit: Wait, I'm using Ext 2.2. Try updating. ;-)
  9. Check where you've put layout:'fit'.
  10. Oops, had the same mistake in my code. Thank you much for your help, Animal!
  11. Yepp, I'm currently facing exactly the problem you described ;)
  12. Hi.

    No tooltips appear when using Column Model's setColumnTooltip in the following code. But a call to setColumnHeader before or after setColumnTooltip() makes the tooltips to work as expected....
  13. Thanks, hendricd! Your point seems clear to me, so I'll better close that one ;)
    Sad to say the solution you provided didn't work for me, the FormPanel doesn't get rendered this way. But I think...
  14. Ext 2.0, GNU/Linux, FF
    When rendering a FormPanel into an inactive CardLayout item, any combos (and their items) on that panel display at a wrong size (see screenshot). This happens...
  15. Hi!

    I'm just playing around with the Organizer sample application and wonder how to use that dragdrop from DataView to TreePanel without actually adding leafes to the tree.

    It tried to return...
  16. Can confirm, rendering the BorderLayout into document.body works for me. Thanks for sharing, mrapczynski!

    I'll try to apply different css styles on my container-div to see, if it could be fixed by...
  17. Setting shadow:false didn't solve the problem for me.
  18. Please see the attached screenshots: The ComboBox (yellow border) expands just fine on the first trigger-click right after the Dialog is created. If I collpase the drop-down list and click the...
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    Please add the following changes to the German langfile:

    Ext.apply(Ext.form.DateField.prototype, {
    format : "d.m.Y"

    (Current version breaks date validation.)
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