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  1. Hi,

    i have upgraded my Web App to ST 2.2.1 (from 2.1.1).
    The development Version works well in all supported Browsers, even in IE 10.

    The production build also works great in all Browsers,...
  2. Hi,

    i `m just wondering if anyone has accomplished to maximize a sencha touch 2.2 application in the latest Chrome Beta for Android (27 beta)? It should be possible now, but i found now way so...
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    Thank you for your reply Mitchel.
    I will put my changes in a separate override Class if i use it for production of course.
    But can you tell which Versions of ChromeMobile had this bugs you...
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    i was wondering, why is Ext.fx.layout.Card forced to type = "scroll" on ChromeMobile?

    I removed the following condition in Ext.fx.layout.Card`s Constructor (ST 2.1)

    else if (type ===...
  5. Just doubled checked this behaviour by editing the example in the docu.
    Edit the title for the second view to something very long which does not fit the viewport and you can reproduce it....
  6. Hi,

    i have a Ext.NavigationView with a Navigationbar config like this:

    Ext.define('MyNaviView', {
    extend: 'Ext.NavigationView',
    config: {
    navigationBar: {
  7. Works, Thank you!
  8. There is a potential bug when using the ListPaging-Plugin together with the new Touch 2.1 List.
    It seems the LoadMoreComp is added to the last ListItem and not as last child directly to the list.
  9. Hi,

    i`m trying to upgrade my DataView to the new Sencha Touch 2.1 List.
    In my old DataItem i had 2 components. One indicating some Statusinfo and the other displaying Model information using a...
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    I`ve added a overflow: hidden to .x-layout-accordion-item in my stylesheet to be able to collapse the last item as well, no matter if the last item is a list or not. Maybe this helps somebody with...
  11. Works! Thanks a lot! Hopefully sencha applies this to the next official release!
  12. Guess i just figured it out. Seems to be a viewport autosize issue as Chrome does not support this feature!
    Following config in app.js works for my app:

    viewport: {
  13. Same here! Anyone got a solution or even an idea what is going on here? My App is also not working in dev mode. The Kitchensink and Touchstyle is working though!
  14. Thanks a lot for this amazing component! Realy a live saver! Now works proper on Android too since the last update. @Sencha - Team, please consider adding this to the Touch2 Framework!
  15. Hi, i am struggling with the same problems. Is there any advise you can give? Are there significant performance issues taking the solution mentioned above? Can you tell when a patch might be...
  16. Thanks for your answer! Must have missed this part in the notes. Looking forward for the next relaese now :)
  17. Hi, im glad to see that is finally back to touch2 in beta3. But i am experiencing some issues using it. Is it possible that the required is missing?
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