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  1. I figured this out. It wound up working with iconCls, but I had to add !important to the background styles and also set a width attribute on it. Once I did that it's working exactly as I want it...
  2. Hi folks... gotta think this is simple, but it's beating me... I have a toolbar with a button like so:

    { xtype : "button", cls : "x-btn-icon",
    id : "myButton",
    tooltip : "Click me",
  3. Hi folks... I wanted to see if anyone had done this already and was willing to share before I put in the time to code it myself, or open a feature request...

    Has anyone create a toolbar with...
  4. I put bug in quotes for what will be an obvious reason...

    If you have a DateField and you are scrolling through the years in the "quick access" view (what you get when you click the month/year...
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    That's good news, thanks Aaron.

    Can I suggest a sticky topic somewhere that maybe keeps us all informed every couple of days? Many of us have projects that are being impacted to one degree or...
  6. Yeah, I've noticed some weirdness with the forums too, but thought it might have just been me.

    So should I take your previous reply to mean nothing jumps out at you as wrong in my code? The ux...
  7. I didn't see the post that Chris made in the other thread because the thread had been closed before his post, so I didn't get a notification.

    Reading it now, he doesn't seem to be saying that...
  8. Yesterday I had an issue where my custom DataProxy wasn't working and Aaron pointed out an API change that was the cause. Today we discovered another problem with the same proxy code. For...
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    Yeah, I was just realizing that on my own as you were typing your reply :) I didn't quite get what you said until I searched for the code you referenced, then it was obvious. And yes, that did the...
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    I'm not sure how to do that... could you give me a quick example?
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    Ok... this code works with RC1:


    Ext.ux.DWRDataProxy = function(inConfig){
    Ext.apply(this, inConfig);;
  12. I never did find a solution, and since there was no activity on this thread I assume no one else has either (or maybe no one else is seeing this). I in fact had to put a disclaimer at the beginning...
  13. I'm seeing this issue as well... extremely inconsistent... extremely annoying :)
  14. Hi guys... I've got what I *think* is a bug (it could be that my expectations are incorrect though)... here's some test code;


    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
  15. Yes indeed, was me being dumb... the doRequest method signature changed, but I didn't update the overridden version in my proxy code to match. Once I did that, problem solved. Sorry 'bout that.
  16. Looking like this might be my own stupidity (I know, not exactly shocking!)... I'll post back and close the thread when I confirm that's the case, in the mean time, ignore this post...
  17. Before udpating from SVN a few minutes ago, the following method signature in my custom DWR data proxy worked:

    load : function(inParams, inReader, inCallback, inScope, inArgs) {

    After this...
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    I'm still seeing this error, although as far as I can tell it isn't causing any problems... II'm guessing that stylesheet is for one of the examples, so doesn't seem like it's a showstopper, but...
  19. Thanks Chris, that change was already made based on a previous issue I had found. I see this is marked as fixed, so I'll go grab the latest and see if we're good to go... if you don't hear back from...
  20. Yeah, fair point about the title. If some moderator wants to make that change I certainly don't object, doesn't seem to be something I can do though.

    I can't say for sure when the breakage was...
  21. Hi guys... just updated from SVN a few minutes ago (3:15pm EST) and seeing an error when switching to a tab that loads remote data... from Firebug:

    this.api is undefined
    ext-all-debug.js Line...
  22. Right, I know all of that... that's why I used Ext.get() rather than Ext.getCmp()

    Even knowing that though, I think I was expecting that Ext would properly scale the Window if I simply scaled it's...
  23. Hi folks... using the latest v3 code, the following example does not properly animate the height of a Window using scale()... I'm assuming this is something that should work, please tell me if that's...
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    WinXP. FYI, here's my command line:

    java -jar builder.jar -d -s "c:\ext3\trunk" -o "c:\ext3\release"

    Also, using JDK 1.6:

    C:\>java -version
    java version "1.6.0_11"
    Java(TM) SE Runtime...
  25. Thanks Aaron... at first it didn't work, but then I looked at ScriptTagProxy and noticed you guys simply did:

    doRequest : function(action, rs, params, reader, writer, cb, scope, arg) {
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