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  1. If I type sencha.cmd on a PowerShell prompt I don't get the error. I believe the problem is caused by sencha.exe being executed instead of sencha.cmd.

    Get-Command sencha (equivalent of 'which...
  2. I can confirm there is a problem. Fresh java install (never installed it on this machine), fresh SenchaCmd and I get this error. I hate Java! Using SenchaCmd 201
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    I have similar requirements for the app I'm working on now. I suggest ditching the built in stores. IMO they're just not flexible enough to support online/offline switching. I still use stores for...
  4. Here is some code I use to manage navigation bar buttons:

    First you define an additional 'navigationBarButtons' config on the view, which has the button configs:

    config: {
    items: [...
  5. You should be able to hide the navigationBar. Pass in hidden: true in the config for the navigation view

    navigationBar: { hidden: true },
  6. Ext.Dataview has an undocumented property hasLoadedStore that might help you. It's set to true whenever the store associated with a dataview is loaded. It's normally only used by the deferEmptyText...
  7. The first time I load a store the emptyText is not displayed, but after that it displays. I think I've traced the problem down:

    When I call list.getStore().load() the first time:
    * Store...
  8. In my application I have a tab panel with a few lists each bound to JSON stores. When the user clicks a logout button the navigation view (which contains the tab panel) is destroyed and another user...
  9. I made a small modification to the onViewAdd handler for navigationBar that makes it easier for me to control the title for views added to the navigation view.

    B2 navigationBar onViewAdd

  10. I had this problem too. Robert Dougan posted an override you can use to fix it until the next release.
  11. Thanks. I'm using sencha-touch-all-debug.js from the B1 release.

    Great work on the new version, I'm having a much easier go at it compared to ST1.
  12. I'm trying to use a MessageBox but the mask stays active after dismissal.

    I have some code like this in my controller:

    logoutButton: {
    tap: function () {
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