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  1. Almost true:

    As Winforms or any other GUI tool does: take you to the component's docs.

    Agreed. You need a lot of reading and codding to get...
  2. The example posted by Joel is very nice but you can also just create a simple css selector like:

    .red { background-color: red }

    and put in on cls property of the column. Of course, as I said,...
  3. SA is meant to craft ExtJS & Touch applications, IS NOT using ExtJS "in the background" (although uses ExtJS in the front).

    Definitely SA is a time saver but you should familiarize with the "raw"...
  4. Hi Joel.

    Seems that docs need little polish:!/api/Ext.grid.column.Column-cfg-cls

    "cls : String/String[]
    An optional extra CSS class that will...
  5. I see, that's the pre ExtJS 4 way of doing thing.

    Again I recommend you MVVM:

    Your example is easy to...
  6. Yuk!

    You should use MVC and store data in controller, use MVVM and store in ViewModel or use a global container if you really need it.

    I wonder, what is the use case to "pass" data?

  7. Yep, worked.

    So is a bug in Architect, I mean the way it generates the app.json file.
    Should I report the bug or you have enough information to create the report?


  8. Follow up:

    I fond that generated JS code in index.html does what I said:

    id: "d6365a17-bf8b-443c-9ba4-8e38412abe9f",
    js: [{
    path: "cordova.js",
  9. Use YUI Compressor directly.

    You can grab it from or look for it in Cmd's installation folder, normally in lib like:

  10. I generated an app which had some overrides that when I run in the device give me this errors:

    D/SystemWebChromeClient( 7817): file:///android_asset/www/app/override/data/proxy/Ajax.js: Line 1...
  11. "Architect automatically puts" is incorrect, is the FRAMEWORK which behaves that way.

    You may have luck if post your question on framework forum:...
  12. Edit > Preferences > Dependencies:


    As you can see you need: Ruby, JDK & ANT.

  13. Current build version is

    You should update to latest.

  14. Add the tab to the canvas, set tab position to "bottom" then look in properties "Tab Bar Config" > "+":


    Then apply vbox layout:


    Code is not exactly as what the video shows but...
  15. What exactly is what do you want to do?

    I have been using SA since it was called Ext Designer and never had the need to use such property.

    Perhaps what you are looking for is "Tab Bar Config"?
  16. Welcome to the club :(
  17. You must format the JSON as ExtJS expects which is something like:

    "success": true,
    "data": [
    { "field": value...},
  18. =D>
  19. Replies
    You can add any property you wish to any class entering in the filter text box the name following the value then click on "add":


    After you can edit the property and/or change its type:
  20. Thanks!
  21. I just bumped with this problem.

    Well, not really a problem but annoying message each few seconds.

    Any chances that index.html generated with that meta?

    I use Sencha Architect BTW.
  22. Hi.

    I took a little time to inspect what is installed by SA in the machine and found than in <home>/Documents/Architect/frameworks there is touch24/ and touch24/ I found also...
  23. Perhaps "Another Option for Saving Association Data" in this blog entry: ?
  24. AFAIK that's a Cordova problem, tetter ask on Cordova forums / lists.

  25. Hi.

    First of all the use of global ID is not a good practice, use itemId instead and locate components via up() & down().

    Now with the update:
    Grid changes data in the store so to persist the...
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