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  1. How deep the rabbit hole goes :) am sure Ext team already considered this carefully at some point... hope not to trivialize problem nor solution but would it be mitigated by changing how the selector...
  2. Good spot! There were some changes made in Sencha Cmd 5.1 release.

    Now additionally, you must open .sencha/app/sencha.cfg

    Add a new line in there like this: build.optimize.cssPrefix=false
  3. I'm a little closer again. I've confirmed it is not a problem that an anchor/hyperlink is the last focussed element. Selecting the last row, then deleting it via cellclick controller action works...
  4. I think I'm closer to identifying the problem. If I do something like this, it works fine and the gridview throws no errors:

    //first, manually select last row of grid
    var store =...
  5. G'day josei, I'm having the same problem. I'm unable to reproduce it in a fiddle. Can you?

    I have a grid (with no selection model) and my console throws...
  6. Hey guys,

    Hopefully a quick one. I'm using Sencha Architect to build an Ext JS 5 application. And noticed that defaultMargins wasn't taking effect on the layout. Did a little bit of...
  7. I had a similar problem today with bootstrap.js not being generated by Sencha Architect even after rebuild etc. It was subtle, but ultimately my fault. My Ext.application had a requires:[] pointing...
  8. Thanks for the speedy feedback Arthur! It's good to know that workaround is viable.

    Hope we can double check the specification and fix Ext to be in conformance.
  9. I'm using Sencha Architect so it's a little difficult to override Ext.dom.Element. As a short-term workaround, I was able to add this to the top of my launch function:
    //fix Ext JS id validator...
  10. I'm doing Ext.get('herp:derp') and Ext JS 5 is choking on valid ids containing colons.

    Ext.validIdRe could be relaxed to something like /^[a-z_][:.a-z0-9\-_]*$/i

    The W3 specification does...
  11. I'm all out of constructive ideas Marc. We'd just like to see some "humanity behind the eyes" from Sencha. What other angles do you think would be agreeable to both customer and vendor? What would...
  12. I'm not always devil's advocate :-) but I can "fathom" why this actually may be deliberate.

    There is a not-totally-hair-brained case in favour. Sencha is an enterprise framework (by which I mean...
  13. You've raised some great angles.

    Sure, some irrationality is being displayed by those (not necessarily engineers) making buying decisions: they want to go home with dignity intact and not feel...
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    I think they document this flexibility (to first-time buyers only) in the FAQ: Ctrl+F > 8

    Thanks PeaceTech, guessing this is your thread. Upvoting will...
  15. How'd it work out fmcloud?
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    Yes, without hijacking the thread I think that was his angle.

    Yes, and suspect it would necessarily attract a Commercial OEM License too.
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    The available win-wins are limited now. They might include official accommodation of:
    a 1-Year for 1-Developer license charged at a high (but not factor of 5) premium?
    a 5-Year for 1-Developer...
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    Perhaps, but I respectfully encourage (beg) you to save yourself the trouble. Such a project entails investing a disproportionate amount of time to accommodate a licensing edge case, of which is...
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    When you get a second, can you link where this $1500 number comes from?
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    It's a non-starter. Notwithstanding the labor and ceremony involved, Sencha reserve the right to nip such in the bud, see their Open Source FAQ under Certain Technical Strategies.

    It would cast...
  21. Thanks wajb, very fruitful indeed!


    So Ext4 becomes the name of the Ext global object.

    And x4 becomes Ext.buildSettings.baseCSSPrefix

    Then I set...
  22. Thanks Phil. Running the following gets overwritten to bootstrap.css every save:

    /* generated file */
  23. No luck in Sencha Architect - as a workaround I tried customizing a JS Resource in the Library but to no avail ;-)
  24. hey Phil,

    just saw your post now. I don't have the 3.0.0 files any more but I've found a workaround that's good for 3.0.1 at least:

    go to Application > Resources > Library, and set Include...
  25. Thanks Holger and Phil - I was about to raise the same. Bootstrap.css is lost upon Architect save - sencha app build is needed to regenerate it so it points to the correct compiled output.

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