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  1. I have the same issue with GXT 2.3.1. Top margin is set to 0.5px but only in Chrome. And it's random, happens only for some icons. Is there any update on this?

  2. Hi,

    I'm using GridCellRenderer to display an icon in a cell. Currently this renderer returns just icon:

    return AbstractImagePrototype.create(...).getHtml();

    I want to display also...
  3. Can you prepare a patch for that? We use FieldBinding plus LabelField is used in hundreds of different classes and there is no way we can create an easy workaround for this...
    Plus another...
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    when I'm working with IE9 and the IE8 compatibility mode is enabled then everything works fine in ma app.
    But when I turn off that compatibility mode, I get many different issues:

    1. When...
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    Can you make it work? :)

    javax.servlet.ServletException: Filter execution threw an exception
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    Any chance for some fix for Firefox? It doesn't work at least in version 10 and 11.

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    When I change the page on a ComboBox list (with paging toolbar) and then immediately click somewhere outside the box which causes the list to close then the icons in paging toolbars disappear when I...
  8. One of our customer have weird issues. In Chrome 7, arrows in combo box fields and date fields appears on wrong side:

    Any ide what could be the reason of such behaviour?
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    I want to avoid word-wrapping in grid cell and instead have a tool-tip so each row is on a single line. How can I add a tooltip to a cell when the content it's not fully visible?

    Thanks in...
  10. I know, but I don't have IE6 :) And I was hoping that the fix will work, so I didn't want to create another build. And I was right, it works now:) Thanks!
  11. Of course, it just take a while to create a build with over 60 permutations to test :)
  12. Thanks, I will do that.
  13. This is really critical, can you help me somehow with that? I changed the code to

    input = new El(DOM.createInputRadio(name));
    but the result is the same...
  14. The fix I need in that case is to modify onRender method in CheckBox class:


    protected void onRender(Element target, int index) {
    if (this instanceof Radio) {
  15. Hi,

    in IE6 I have some Radio buttons with the same name but not in RadioGroup (because they are place in a werid way).
    But in IE6 the Radio is generated without "name" attribute which causes that...
  16. On the screenshot above there should be label "Details" after first icon. This is a top component toolbar of content panel inside BorderLayout (see the screenshot below). Only on IE6 the some labels...
  17. Hi,

    I have a content panel with a toolbar:

    final ToolBar viewToolBar = new ToolBar();

    final ToggleButton detailsViewTool = new ToggleButton(CaraMessages.INSTANCE.viewDetails());...
  18. I updated GXT 2.2 to the latest version from SVN and now I get this error.

    In desktop application when I try to view the menu by second time (same if I open context menu by second time), the menu...
  19. "Ok" is not a good spelling. Should be "OK" instead. Can you fix that? Stupid thing but a lot of customers complain about that.
  20. Actually the panel is a part of a dialog with BorderLayout and the window might be not visible during rendering. So what and when should I call to fix the layout?
  21. Hmm, in same cases it might be. But I doubt. Is there anything I can do to get some workaround for that? Like call some method after user shows the column?
  22. Hi,

    we have some application and everything works fine on any other browser besides IE6. Our customer noticed the misalignment. When there are some new columns selected to display the scrollbar...
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    You can use input mask plugin with mask 99:99:99
  24. I also found this issue, there is only one column which can't be wrapped. Can you change that?
  25. Oh, and to reproduce it, in the Web Desktop demo app ( just add some sub items to any tool, e.g.

    tool = new MenuItem("Logout");
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