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  1. I found this bug in ST 2.1.1, but it is still there in ST 2.2.1.

    The getPageBox function in element.position.js starts with the following code:

    getPageBox: function(getRegion) {
  2. Ext.ModelManager does not exist in ST 2.2.1 and the leak situation is much better.

    Is there a fix for the ST 2.1.1 framework? We have built our app on it and are about to release it.
  3. Here's how I reproduce it:

    1. In a new Chrome incognito window, launch the app and take a heap snapshot in the 'Profiles' tab.
    2. Click the regenerate button 10 times and take another heap...
  4. It's been six days since I posted the demonstration of the problem with no response. Can you reproduce the problem?
  5. Are you able to reproduce this problem?
  6. To workaround this problem for 'selectfield' components, I have created my own cache of objects. Now, when I Ext.create a 'selectfield', I get the appropriate Store from my cache and...

    ST version tested:
    ST 2.1.1

    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome 29

  8. Here is the screenshot referred to above.
  9. I have been using the Profiles > Take Heap Snapshot feature of the Chrome Dev Tools to track down and eliminate memory leaks in my ST 2.1.1 app. I found a leak in the framework that I can't...
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    For the last few months, I have been porting a C#, .NETCF app to Sencha Touch 2.1. The app has hundreds of thousands of lines of code and is fairly complex. It also does lots of synchronous...
  11. I found that this problem only happened when I ran Kitchen Sink off localhost. The problem did not happen on the same machine, same browser when running Kitchen Sink off

    The reason is...
  12. I downloaded ExtJS and started viewing the Kitchen Sink example on IE10 (version 10.0.9200.16576) on my Windows 7 x64 PC. Whenever I click the 'Maximize example code content' button, the...
  13. Let me start off by saying that I am very glad Sencha will be supporting IE10 and Windows 8 / Phone 8!

    As soon as I heard about ST2.2 alpha, I downloaded it and have started porting my ST2 app...
  14. The reason I ask, is that Ext.Ajax.request() appears to be incompatible with q.defer(). Whenever I try to run the following code:

    var deferred = Q.defer();
    var req =...
  15. I am attempting to use Sencha Touch with the Q library:

    Is it compatible with this library? If not, is there a recommended library to add promises and deferred...
  16. OK, the question on everybody's mind (mine at least): when will Sencha Touch be released for Windows Phone 8? I was delighted to read this blog post:

  17. Thanks, that was very helpful!
  18. I'd like to add a feature to my ST2 app that allows a user to send an email or sms message to a friend. Any suggestions on how best to do this would be appreciated.

  19. I have an ST2 app that I have successfully deployed to the Apple App Store (for iOS). I understand that I can also deploy it to the Mac App Store but I have never been through the process before. ...
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    After several attempts to work-around this problem on the Chrome browser, I came up with the following 'resize' listener that I added to my panel config. The 'button-remove' class is 'display:...
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    I can reproduce this problem on the Chrome browser for Windows and MacOS, but not Safari for MacOS.
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    By the way, this problem does not happen on the Safari browser.
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    In my ST2 app, I have a panel with the following config:

    Ext.define('GessWerd.view.LetterChooser', {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',
    xtype: 'gesswerdLetterChooser',

    config : {
  24. After reading this link:

    I tried adding this to my manifest.json:

    "content_security_policy": "allow 'self'...
  25. Thanks for your help. I found that these images are defined in sencha-touch.css. Here is a snippet of what I found in sencha-touch.css:


    What is the correct...
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