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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if someone has managed to have two apps (one of them being a Sencha Touch app) communicate with one another.

    Specifically I have app A (non Sencha) that allows app B...
  2. Tnx for the quick reply! I have solved it myself though by installing and using the latest (beta) cmd version
  3. Hi,

    I am trying to have two apps communicate with one another by means of the device.scheme.
    Clicking on a scheme link in one app should open the second app.
    This actually works.

  4. Hi,

    I upgraded to ST 2.2.1 together with cmd specifically for this fix, but am sorry to inform you that it still isn't fixed.
    On my iOS tablet I still get Ext.device.Device.scheme =...
  5. Hi,

    I just did an update to exactly the same versions you are using, and I am getting the same error.
    Did you solve it?

  6. Hi,

    We have an app that allows the user to click on a menuitem after which a draggable container appears. This container shifts to the left as the user clicks on buttons in its UI. The container...
  7. Got it working now.

    My fix was to first perform the setOffset animation on the draggable container and when that animation was finished I updated the controls in the view.
    Also some controls I...
  8. Ok, got it working now:

    var draggable = filterPanel.draggableBehavior.draggable;

    draggable.getTranslatable().on('animationend', function ()
    // do stuf on...
  9. Hi,

    I added all possible combinations inside the launch method :-), but none of them works. I guess I need 2.2?

    if (device.scheme)
    console.log('device.scheme: ' + device.scheme);...
  10. In my final solution, the glitching see through seems to happen when I drag and one of my containers reaches the end of the viewport, but still at random moments though.
  11. I first tried it out with a relative small example which ran correctly in my Chrome browser. My final code is dispersed accross my implemenation. Here is the example I started out with:
  12. Sorry to mention that I didn't read the first item correctly. Opening the app by usage of url scheme is what I got working, but I am not getting any url the first time either.
  13. Hi,

    I have implemented a draggable container that I can scroll to the left to reveil more information.
    I can scroll this container all the way to the other side, covering the control that it...
  14. Same question here.
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    Tnx, I'll have a look at those examples!
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    Our current Sencha Touch works great and looks great, however there is room for improvement concerning the flow of the navigation.

    What we would like to have is navigation between views,...
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    aargh, sorry :-)
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    Why does new Date(2013,5,27) create date for June instead of May?
  19. Hi,

    I am running Sencha 2.1.1, but I got the latest cmd tool.

  20. Got it working here (even when removed from memory).
    I used my applicationId as the name for the string inside CFBundleURLName and inside the new sencha touch command I ran: sencha app build native...
  21. Good job, thanks for answering!
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    Hi, I was looking for the same functionality.
    Does Sencha support this in the latest version?
  23. Yeah, same problem here...
    btw, I don't think it looks nice because now I have my own navigationbar beneath this (useless) titlebar and it looks pretty bad.
  24. Same issue here...did you find a solution?
  25. Took me a long time to figure this one out.

    In app.js I used this line of code to add my views to the viewport:

    Ext.Viewport.add(loginView, homeView, resultsView, notificationsView);

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