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  1. [OPEN-1332] Bug in find method

    In the of ExtJs 3.x.x, the find method has the following code:

    find : function(property, value, start, anyMatch, caseSensitive){
    var fn =...
  2. I was going through my email and saw that you had...

    I was going through my email and saw that you had responded to my initial query and wanted to thank you. I eventually made the same determination after stepping through the code with my debugger. ...
  3. Destroy in HttpProxy not firing when remove record from store


    I'm having a problem with updating the HttpProxy and the GridPanel. When I remove a record from the grid by using the remove method on the store, the HttpProxy is not hitting the web...
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    TreePanel and Fieldsets


    I'm new to ExtJs and this forum in general, but I had an issue that I'm trying to understand.

    I'm using ASP.Net and while experimenting (read, learning while doing), I added a panel with...
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