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  1. Animal;

    Thanks for the reply - will have a look and try to understand.
  2. Anyone;

    Iam new to this and trying to learn so bear with me if this is an elementary question.

    Iam testing the two-tree.html example.

    I see that the left Ext JS tree is derived from the...
  3. Hi Maxim;

    Have you managed to implement a multiple file or folder select instead of single file select before uploading?

  4. Hi Maxim;

    I have just managed to get it working using your code snippett as the basis.

    This returns
  5. Maxim;

    I think I see, I am a bit unsure though.

    Say I am using the basic php upload file like below, this uploads the file but i obviously get no response back via json. (Ps I am using...
  6. Hi Maxim;

    I have managed to get the files saving to my server location using your upload system.

    I see threads about a response cannot be sent back from a php upload page.

    Your code below...
  7. [QUOTE=MaximGB;65415]The upload-dialog-request.php isn't missing ;), the code of upload-dialog-request.php which I use in the demo is following:
  8. Thanks MaximGB I will have a look, sorry if this is elementary but I am just finding my way and appreciate the help.
  9. Replies
    Hi Corey;

    your demo looks great are you able to provide a zip of demo so i can understand how you write the backend to save the files to the server, I kind of understand the frontend as much as a...
  10. Hi;

    Your demo looks great, Iam trying to learn EXTJS to create someting just like this.

    I have downloaded your zip, but it is missing upload-dialog-request.php, which I assume is the required...
  11. Can anyone advise where I can download the file update widget?
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