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  1. Thank you for you time looking at this and your helpful comments. You initial "filter" comment kept me looking and I found my issue. The client is able to go in and "edit" previous entries in a...
  2. The form this combo box lives in is getting the following applied every record change to re-setup the form:
  3. I believe you are right. Further investigation show that once those combo boxes are empty or only show parshal records, even changing to other records doesn't reset them. Only a log out and back in...
  4. I have some forms that get loaded from a database. The end user clicks on table records and these forms get loaded. Standard stuff. I have one client that is occasionally getting either an empty...
  5. Did you ever get an answer to this question? I am getting the same thing and need a solution as well.
  6. Thank you animal for this useful extension. This really spiced up a page my sales team uses to track their sales progress. Now at a glance they can see where they are at which saves time and money. I...
  7. Works great, thank you so much!
  8. I usually only work with IE but my application runs so fast in Firefox/Chrome that I am starting to work in that direction. I have a large application that uses tabbing. Most of these tabs are set to...
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    I had a very strange problem with one of my users, not sure if this applies to your issue or not. On her XP computer all of my live grid components had grayed out and unusable vertical scrollbars...
  10. I need the dirty to truly clear vs just the visual reset of the dirty flag. I do isDirty checking that continues to trigger on the posted clearDirty function. This slightly modifies the clearDirty...
  11. Works perfectly now in my not so perfect IE! Thanks again.
  12. This is very useful, thanks for posting. As usual, it works great in Firefox and seems to have issues in IE. I am using IE8, the red triangle is not aligning in the form field properly. It is...
  13. So, no one uses this component? Here is a simple example if your not using it:

    Ext.onReady(function () {
    var form = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
    baseCls: 'x-plain',
  14. I just caught a strange problem with the htmleditor. Since moving to 3.1.0 from 3.0.0 my users were unable to save there problem/resolution notes (this is a help desk app). I always do CTRL-V myself...
  15. I use MS SQL server and if my database field is type 'int' and the field is NOT NULL then it is 0. The database has the 'int' field as NULL by default so everything starts out fine. I start getting...
  16. Has this been fixed in 3.1? I have the same issue, I have a combobox of cities that has 369 records. I can solve it by making it mode remote and not autoload but I need it mode local and autoloaded...
  17. Works for me in IE, I have had no more problems since that code addition. I am running the charts in portal widgets that can dynamically be added and closed, so this was a major problem for me, as it...
  18. Thank you for all the help on this issue. This overide worked great for the pie chart. Didn't solve it for my column chart but after a little debugging I found that the tip part of the overide was...
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    I need some help with grid state. I am writing a much larger application than in the past with ExtJs so I am running into a new issue. I am working with tabs in a viewport and when a user clicks on a...
  20. On IE8 & FF3 there is a slight visual problem. The backround shadow doesn't extend all the way to the bottom of the window, and if you adjust the browser size at all the login window shrinks up 5px...
  21. I am using IE8. When ever I display a chart in a window, it errors on closing of the window with the following error:

    Line: 1
    Error: 'null' is null or not an object

    This doesn't happen in...
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    Bashev posted a workaround for a similar extenstion that solved the issue:

    Ext.override(Ext.ux.form.SuperBoxSelect, {
    beforeBlur: Ext.emptyFn
  23. Here is a workaround posted by Bashev:

    Ext.override(Ext.ux.form.LovCombo, {
    beforeBlur: Ext.emptyFn
  24. Thank you for the work around Bashev!
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    You can use one of your own examples. I took from your example page and put a quick test page together. I appreciate you looking into this.

    Test Page
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