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  1. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.3.1
    Adapter used:

    css used:

    only default ext-all.css
    Browser versions tested against:
  2. Thanks Mitchell,

    Indeed it does. Probably a problem with my css class instead.
    Thanks !
  3. EDIT : It's working ( I can see it in the inspect elements from Google Chrome). Nevermind this thread !!


    I'm using a getRowClass on a GridView to apply a style (bigger font-size) of a row....
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    It returns true or false depending on the row.
    True when it goes in the IF, so it keep it on the grid. If it returns false, then the row will not show.
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    I'm using Dreamweaver to edit files.
    But you could use anything actually, notepad should do the job since it's javascript.
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    Here a simple example, where I needed a filter on 3 columns using an OR.

    Ext.getCmp('my_grid_id_here').getStore().filterBy(function(record, id){

    pattern = new...
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    Yes, the limit should be to 25, if you only want to return 25 rows.
    Be sure to use the parameter "limit" and "start" on the page that is returning the Json, to only return 25 rows starting at that...
  8. Exactly what I was searching for. Thank you Condor.
  9. You can call your coldfusion cfm page with Ajax on the handler of the button, see the doc for Ajax.
    Use a viewport like Condor said !
  10. Hi,

    I would like to have 3 buttons on my toolbar. 1 Left, 1 in the center and 1 at the right.
    I would like to know if this is possible to do right now ?

    Here is what I have :

  11. If someone need this, see the post :

    Worked for me.
  12. My mistake. Remove the , but still getting the same thing. Tested like you in IE 8 but I'm able to reproduce the problem.
  13. Hi,

    I have a strange problem that I cannot find the solution.
    I have a tabpanel on my east region of a viewport. Inside, i have multiple tabs which 1 is an accordion (the first).

    When I click...
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    Do like in the example, and use a grid with a store. When you modify something in the store, the record get modify. You can get all the modified rows on your store with the method...
  15. I just got the same problem using Ext 2.2

    To fix it, I changed those lines :

    Inside resetStore

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    Seems like a little bug in the doc class search (in the left menu).

    I type "pie" to get piechart. No problem here. Then I remove my search to see the full tree again (no search), but the section...
  17. The same way you know he is done selecting on the complete list. You simply click outside of the list.
  18. Hi,

    I love this ux !! I'm using it with 2.2 and everything is working great !
    I have one question :

    When I click on the Triangle to get the complete list, I can select multiple choices...
  19. Load the script with Ajax and execute it. It's simple.

    Ex :

    Click a button.
    Ajax call is made to the Php File.
    The Php File make the database request and generate the code.
    eval the code...
  20. Hehe no problem ! It happened to me when I start using ext. Json was fine, had all the fields correct but was showing blank. Now I know it hehe.
  21. be sure to use the same name.


    1 is capital, the other not. Try that first on displayField and valueField
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    Check the maxHeight for the combobox.

    maxHeight : NumberThe maximum height in pixels of the dropdown list before scrollbars are shown (defaults to 300)
  23. Not quite sure if this is what you are looking for, but you could make a simple javascript variable.

    var reader;
    if (something == "A") {
    reader = ...;
    reader = ...;
  24. Thanks for the update ! I've been waiting for the remote option !! :D
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    I had the same problem with ext2.2 yesterday.
    iconCls was not showing my custom icon from the css class.
    Instead, I changed iconCls to icon with the path of the image and it worked (the Json...
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