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    panel.setHeight(null) worked like a magic!!. I was looking for the same and it is never ever documented.. Thanks a ton, You made my day..:)
  2. [solved] following code worked for Ext js 4.

  3. same problem i am facing in Ext JS 4.. did not get solution yet.
    this.getMenuItemEdit().setDisable(true) did not work. any thoughts??
  4. If you are using Ext JS 4 B) and expecting code to implement association Like Company.getEmployee() will return a store with list of employess then you have to declear child model ''Employee'' in...
  5. Yes, it is ok.

    But, I don't know why are you using 'Model' as a name here?: model: 'ecms.remotehelp.articles.texts.Model',
    Although, you need to add your second model in Ext.require() before you...
  6. I got the solution. We need to have only one json response. For the sample i was creating 2 json files that is wrong approach. We need to have nested data in one json file on sample also. like...
  7. I am following the documentation of sencha to implement one-to-many association in two models but i am not getting expected result from generated function. Company.getEmployees() method is returning...
  8. This statement prints 0th element of company store.


    Could you please let me know if in your case json response was a nested data or it is 2 seperate jsons ?
  9. 1. compStore.get(0) is object type which having data property where actual data is stored. data has 3 property id, name, getEmployee(empty array).
    2. compStore.getAt(0).getAssociatedData() is return...
  10. compStore.getAt(0).getEmployees(); is empty store
  11. I am having the same issue with my two models Company and Employee. I want to fill the employees gridpanel when company combo box value is changed. I am not able to figure out why data is not coming...
  12. Only one change and it works fine :) :{    
     url: '',
             q: 'select * from rss where...
  13. Hi all, I want to store entire response in a variable inside the application. So I am using Ext.Ajax.request()    method and requesting for a web-service. But the response is every time going to...
  14. I am not able to get responseText, It is blank.  Please have a look on below code and suggest what i am doing wrong?

    Is it only working for .json files in URL?
  15. How can we parse this Json response into our store: We can see that the response is in 2-dimentional array form. Is there any way to map it to our traditional "name:value" pair format?
  16. It is simple:
    1. Create a action column, specify handler function on that, ensure that handler has all the parameters including event parameter. It would be 5th parameter in order. i.e....
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    Hi All,
    I am new to Ext JS 4 and creating my first app. I am getting an error "namespace is undefined" thru firebug. Please help me out.
    My application has 3 section header ,content and footer....
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