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  1. Third party plugin is not an acceptable solution. I don't need hacky solutions with compatibility issues. I need something built in.

    Its extremely hard to understand why this does not get a...
  2. We've been waiting years for Sencha to implement header row filters on the grid. Despite being told it was coming, there's still no sign.

    This is critical functionality that is implemented in...
  3. When will filter fields be displayed in columns instead of being dropped down?
  4. I've requested for a long time that the grid supports endless down only pagination as seen on

    The topic is covered here:
  5. This has been discussed a number of times in the forums - is it now possible for filter fields to be displayed in the grid headers instead of requiring a click to display?

  6. That's pretty disappointing. Have raised it a few times, had the suggestion that its on the list and still not implemented.
  7. As discussed here

    Wondering if there is an update on this - is it built into 4.1?

  8. This thread moved to the 4.1 forum.
  9. As discussed here

    Wondering if there is an update on this - is it built into 4.1?

  10. Hello

    I'm looking for any start point to work out how to implement dragging single/multiple rows from a grid onto folders in a tree.

    This is the basic mechanism that you would see in any email...
  11. I've posted about the issues with ext documentation before but I wanted to be clear and detailed about what the issues are, in the hope that Sencha will know what to fix.

    The number one...
  12. It's also worthing praising the ext team for actively participating in these forums and for maintaining polite and well mannered attitude.
  13. It's because ext is so great that it is worth commenting on these things.

    It looks great and works great and is getting better all the time.

    No competing product can hold a candle to ext.
  14. Is this built on ext3 or ext4?
  15. Something like this for CouchDB would be awesome.
  16. The main thing is that Sencha needs to polish polish polish polish and just keep on polishing until ext shines like a diamond in every possible way.

    I am a refugee from Adobe Flex. Adobe builds...
  17. Using the mouse wheel to scroll the grid.

    Doesn't feel snappy at all, only scrolls a few rows with each spin of the mouse wheel.

    Version 4.02
    Windows 7
    Google Chrome
  18. It should at least be possible to make the loading message appear after a certain number of seconds have elapsed - this is a much better user experience because the user normally gets pauses with...
  19. Grid to folder drag and drop is a classic use case for many applications (consider email clients for example).

    It would be good if there was a sencha demo showing the "right" way to do this.
  20. Instead of a small number of feature demos, how about Sencha build a major application open source that tries to showcase a wide variety of functionality in context.
  21. The grids display a big ugly grey "loading" when they fetch more data, it's not a great user experience.

    Has this been fixed in recent releases?

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    I'd vote for version 5 including documentation that explains the methods and properties with english words and gives examples of their use.
  23. Dragging rows from a grid onto folders in a tree is something that I am guessing is often needed in applications, for example this is core functionality in an email app.

    It would be great if there...
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    I hope this doesn't come across as too much of a whiny rant - hoping more just to be a plain facts communication of feedback.

    I understand the need to get the "final" version of extjs 4 released. ...
  25. The ext-js documentation appears to be the barest of bones documentation. To get anything done you have to trawl the Internet to try to glean information for various sources on how to do things.
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