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  1. @Sottilde

    Amazing work. The fact that you have to do this is such a poor reflection on Sencha. I couldn't put it any better myself:

    "I am writing this document because working with the SDK...
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    Last time I posted about this I was basically told we have a forum, that is good enough. We are in the unenviable position of using a product that doesn't have a true competitor. If things continue...
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    Likewise EXTJSIV-5799. It has a patch to apply a fix in the thread. Shouldn't be a difficult fix. I wonder why it isn't in the list of known issues. I really wish Sencha would give us access to a...
  4. I posted this thread a while ago but it seems to have been ignored. Can someone please assign an issue number to this. The original thread is here.
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    Since we don't get access to the bug tracker, how many outstanding issues are there? Can you start including a list of know issues in your release notes as well as those fixed?
  6. Line 102752 of ext-all-debug-w-comments.js reads:

    style: 'width:' + me.triggerWidth + (hideTrigger ? 'px;display:none' : 'px'),

    My JS debugger says that me.triggerWidth is always 0. If...
  7. There are definitely other problems in modern browsers as well. See this thread for a few of them. For whatever reason, the button controls on fields get a width of 0px in the style attribute of the...
  8. Scoped CSS doesn't appear to work all that well. I have a simple reservation form that I am trying to display over existing sites in an Ext Window. Since this is appearing on client websites, I don't...
  9. This bug still doesn't have an issue number. Has it been accepted?
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    Any chance of getting CORS support in 4.1?
  11. I have written some code that works for me in IE9 (a simple get and post request) but might not be complete. It certainly hasn't been tested as much as it needs to be on enough scenarios (but has...
  12. If you think there is any chance that it will be fixed by 4.1 then yeah, go for it.
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    Just to update everyone, CORS support will not work with any IE browser/XDomainRequest. See this.
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    No. See this.
  15. To say that I am a little frustrated right now is an understatement. This code was obviously never tested - EVER - because it will just plain not work for IE.

    Line 52310 of...
  16. Every indication I have is that even in beta3 it doesn't work. My failure still gets run in IE9 after the CORS request succeeds. There are no JavaScript errors and the request works in Firefox,...
  17. It is clear the code was never tested as it has a basic error (Uses Ext.isIe instead of Ext.isIE), but if I manually fix that is it actually useable? My tests indicate that answer is no so-far.

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    No, a forum is a place for discussion.
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    If this thread isn't a clear indication that Sencha need to overhaul their development, release and bug reporting practices, then nothing is. Having a bug tracking system that is based on a forum...
  20. Thanks for the help. Did anyone post this as a bug? I assume they will stumble across it while trying to complete their new theme (although the new theme doesn't appear to use the theming engine as...
  21. Is there any update on this? Unless I am missing something, out of the box Ext JS wouldn't work with something like django-tastypie which allows you to implement a proper REST API. Off the top of my...
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    Yes, I switched back to raphael.js once I noticed version 2.0 had been released. It also resolved my other problem with mouse events and sprites (see this thread) as Raphael has a hover event (the...
  23. My apologies edspencer. I would of been very happy to Skype about it but I didn't realise this thread had taken off. I am still very interested to see a resolution.

    Couldn't agree more and I...
  24. Yes please, if you think it is a bug. I am running 4.0.6 and it happens there but the example code is running 4.0.2a. If you aren't meant to make color changes etc. through the attributes then I'm...
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