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  1. Hi vayumesh,
    I cannot post the entire project but help you with yours if you have specific issues.This issue is resolved and I have posted the needed answer.Enter a new question and you will get...
  2. Hello,
    I had written this class to send an email.This class is called when an email button is clicked and the required parameters are passed to the sendMail method.

  3. Yes friend I have done that currently,but I was suggested that that should be possible.I will definitely follow your instructions and work accordingly.
    Regarding the login page: Does it mean we...
  4. Even my index page has similar issue and its frustatng me that I am not able to fix it.(HTML is better is what i have started feeling).
    This is the js for it.

    * This is the entry point...
  5. 3541635417

    Hello friend
    These are the screenshots for two different resolutions.
    1) 1024x768
    2) 1280x720

    Now if you look at the grid in the first image the columns don't shrink(columns after...
  6. Hello
    I am using viewport for laying out my app.Now I read that using anchor layout we can make the application fit into any resolution easily.

    I tried to use the documentation examples,but...
  7. Hello
    I have been working on a application using spring mvc-extjs4.
    I have a tree panel and a grid populating based on the tree panel.Now I want to implement a multisection on the tree...
  8. That would really do a WORLD of good!!!!!!
    You are a gem of a person.Will wait for that.

    And close the thread on that note!!! :) :D

  9. @friend I am not able to resolve the resolution issue.My app looks good on one(1024 x 768) and gets stuck on other.
    Basically with HTML we can overcome by giving the width and height in percentage....
  10. I have tried doing that earlier,but will think over it surely.Also,is it that Chrome and Mozilla behave differently over the same??

    Also,to add I am giving the error under the XML tab in the...
  11. @friend Its working.
    I want to apply styles to buttons and other widgets also.Hope the same works.

    Also,I did not find any documentation or examples related to styling rules(I cant post each and...
  12. Hello
    I have a login page where I have a column layout with a panel and a form inside it.
    Now I want to customize the design look and feel.So I tried to change the background image for the...
  13. @friend
    but still I am not able to fix the original error,went through your files and I have not used Jackson
    but JSON Array and JSON Object(but that should not be the reason I suppose)
  14. Yes got your point friend.
    Actually,earlier I had configured my bean in the xml file.As posted before.
    And the the reason for using it there was I had the mailService object of the bean that I was...
  15. Actually,the examples I have been going through have the same configuration and I am following them(Following some tutorials from websites)!!
    Please suggest a better alternative or the standard...
  16. @friend
    Thanks for the inputs,will go through for sure.
    That was a typo(applicationContext it is as in the layout image.)!!!

    Also,I changed the tag mistakenly to PHP and did not notice.When you...
  17. Thanks @friend

    I have problem with applicationContext.xml for bean definition in my project.

    ApplicationContext context = new FileSystemXmlApplicationContext("C:/Documents and...
  18. Replies
    @friend: Yes,made some progress,but was not possible without some great support by the forum members like you,otherwise I would have given up long back.

    But I get stuck more often then not.
    I am...
  19. Replies
    @redraid No there is no such fle missing.I did not find it even when i searched the framework folder.What is th exact file name?can you please tell.
    Will try your solution and debug to fix it.

  20. Thank you redraid
    I should have thought about that.
    Can you just help me once again.I have a thread opened here regarding browser redirection issue.
  21. Hello
    I have an email app,which uses extjs4 and springmvc.Now on the first attempt everything works fine.
    i.e user can log in send mail,but after once the email is sent,if the user clicks on the...
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    Hello folks

    I have developed an extjs email application and added a spring security module to it for authentication.
    Now everything works fine i.e User logs in->performs operation->logs out.
  23. Ok scott.Will try it out and get back!

  24. Hello
    Not fixed it yet!!Any thing that I need to look out for this specific issue!!

  25. Hello Scott

    I have attached an images with examples which have similar errors.(Sorry,should have done it
    Do you see this behavior on any of our examples - Yes

    What version of ExtJS...
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