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  1. Here is also a fiddle, showing the problem with the selectfield (by saying combobox I actually meant selectfield - damn extjs coworking stuff ;) ...)
  2. Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.____ rev ____

    Browser versions tested against:

    chrome 30
  3. Ah damnit... - thats it..thanks a lot.

    associatedName... - it seems that otherwise the readAssociated function doesn't recognize the property in my json... therefore the association "thinks" the...
    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1
    Browser versions tested against:


    First issue:
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    ha! nice one... ;)

    I recognized before that the simlet cannot deal with POST - so instead of giving up my testing purposes i hacked the simlet, but doing it wrong ;) ... the only thing i did was...
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    Hi folks,

    is anyone using the ux.Simlet? I'm trying - but all i get is a success:false response, because the xhr.status is undefined after running through the doGet method and stepping through...
  7. oh crap... - i should have read the f*** manual.

    So... because my server is doing the foreignKey combining of records for me, i configured a simple remoteFilter: true on the serverConfig on my...
  8. Hi there,

    don't know if this is discussed before... I have some trouble with an association store.

    I have a model A with a hasMany association (myBs) to B. I also putted myBs() to a grid......
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    and instead of Function you should use function(id) = {...}; ;)
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    It's valid, also it's not needed in most cases anymore. The shorthand besides is Ext.ns(..).

    If you want to encapsule functions with a static-like access you can define ext4 classes and make a...
  11. @ettavolt: yap you're right... then i'll see the advantages as well... - i have some of your issues mentioned above and tried to deal with creating view components on demand with some sort of...
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    I also think that when creating reusable components, the controller isn't the right feature to use... - i mostly deal with mixins or plugins on components to separate the internal behaviour(s) from...
  13. I think that the controller's init method's task is to initialize listeners with its control function. This means that you need rendered components to do queries on them, so initializing the...
  14. I think (haven't actually tested it in ext4 yet) that the form submit has it's own proxy configuration and makes a classic form-submit-post without json data either. If you want to use your model's...
  15. if you have a store which fields has to be updated, you can use the metadata functionality. You have to send those fields in a metadata.fields construct from the server. You can have a look at this...
  16. It depends on how much data you load from the server, if you load your parent model... if you have nested data, the associations are filled and you can access these by using...
  17. anything unclear over here? Do you need more information?
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    useSimpleAccessors is a config for the json reader - so you have to configure the reader of your model with this config and everything is fine again... seems to me that the store's config element is...
  19. Ouch... - Ext 3 to 4 was painful! 4.0.7 to 4.1 was even more painful - so i cannot imagine how crazy you have to be to start a migration like this ;)

    you may try to migrate to ext 3 at first (and...
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    you can use a formPanel.getForm().loadRecord(record). When you're using a store then you may probably have more then one record of a model? If you want to connect a form to a store via the...
  21. Very funny... - i did this a second ago in firebug (i looked up the id in the dom):

    >>> Ext.getCmp('genericList-1236')
    Object { xtype="genericList", title="...", viewConfig={...}, mehr...}...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.0
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome (latest)
    Firefox (latest)
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    well - you have to put this jar as a library dependency in a java web-server - then make a facade to it, which you can call for e.g. via REST... to which server-part system are you currently...
  24. the # syntax works very well over here... - do you tried this directly in a browsers console?
  25. Is the request getting through?... what does firebug or chrome tells you?
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