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    Thank you for the response!
    It turned out that we did load the extjs lib twice.
    Well, it's a little bit tricky. It's a bunch of grails web apps. We have a grails plugin which defines the generic...
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    Hi there,

    We met a weird problem when we load extjs page (Please see below for the error msg in firebug). It can not be reproduced every time, and doesn't have any stack trace back to our...
  3. Hi,

    I know this is only for extjs topics, but I just want to see if anybody has some idea on this or not. Thanks a lot!

    I got a problem that I can't figure out why. Please help/comment on this...
  4. Haha, I knew it should be some stupid bug. Thanks a lot! :))
  5. Hi,

    I'm running into a problem with combo box. The json data returned from server is fine. But the drop down menu are all blank although the total number of selection is correct. I've spend some...
  6. Again, thanks a lot for the quick response and help!

    So, I guess you suggest that it's better for the v2.2 user to upgrade to v2.3? From v2.2 to v2.3, I guess it should be a minor version upgrade,...
  7. Thanks a lot for the reply and info!
    Another question, the fix for this problem was checked in the svn long time ago. So, we are going to get a new download of v2.2 extjs, or we can use the code...
  8. The bug is for IE only.
    Please see the thread in the ext 2.X help forum. Thank you very much!
  9. After running debugger, found out the weird inline style is coming from the Ext.form.TriggerField which is the supper class of Ext.form.ComboBox.

    afterRender : function(){
  10. Dear all,

    We have a comboBox extension working fine if FF, but got a weird inline style in IE which makes the input box to the top of the screen (wrong place). Please see below,...
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