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  1. I'm trying to provide a set of defaults for Records of a common type. I've done this by providing a defaults object that I pass into each Record's constructor call. Ideally, this would simply set...
  2. Condor, that override works for me on IE8, FF3.6, and Chrome. You're right about Opera not working, but we don't officially support Opera here so it's okay with me.

    We'll stick with the...
  3. Saki, I'd say this is more of a bug as it doesn't work as expected. Move it to whichever section you think is more appropriate, though.

    Condor, I'll try your override and post about how it goes....
  4. I have a comboBox working as an autocompleter. When my users paste into the box with the mouse (right click, select 'paste') the combo does not trigger a query/expand. CTRL+V pasting works, as it...
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    We're wondering if Sencha Touch apps have to communicate with a web server in order to function...
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    Good point, thanks! That fixed it.
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    Hey gents,

    I've got an issue where I made a formpanel in the Ext designer, but when I export it, only the first field is visible. Seems that something is going wrong when the ExtJS code is...
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    Maintaining session data is super easy with CAP::Session or Catalyst::Plugin::Session.
    What do you mean by shared data? Between Ext objects? I'd handle that on the client side.

    Viktoriya, a...
  9. Alright, I think I have this solved. Tell me if you think I should file a bug, Saki.

    I was reworking the page into a formPanel, and the comboBox still wouldn't show in IE, so I knew there had to...
  10. Screw it, I'm just going to rewrite the form into an Ext formPanel. Should've done it earlier.
  11. Thanks for helping, Saki, and I read (most) of that link; but honestly it's a bit beyond me. I'm still learning html/css/js so all I could really get out of that article is that IE is a strange and...
  12. ??? Let's see. What version of FF are you running? I'm on FF2.0.0.16 and IE 6.0.29 and this is what I see (ff and ie).

    The combo box is supposed to show after typing in the search box - which...
  13. Hmm, this is weird. I used firebug-lite to inspect the dom in IE, and this is what i found inside my searchBox div:

    <div id="searchBox" contentEditable="inherit">
  14. Alright. Here is an example you can look at. I know the html is kinda scary, it's about 10 years old. But look at it in IE and FF and notice the search box. Browser discrepancies drive me crazy.
  15. Tried it... no luck. I'm working on getting an example to post so you can see what I'm talking about.
  16. Thanks for the suggestions, Saki. I've switched over to using renderTo, but it still appears at the top of the page in IE.

    Maybe it would help if I described the context. This comboBox is in an...
  17. I'm all for using a form panel, and that will eventually happen; however, right now my customer wants the auto-complete on the live site ASAP. That's why I was trying to just get this bit working...
  18. How should I go about that? I'm used to using 'renderTo' to place gridPanels in divs and such, but how can I do that and still retain the search box's HTML form functionality?
  19. I can give it a shot. I'm still a newbie at most of this, so any more pointers would be appreciated.

  20. I've been updating some old code, adding bits of awesome here and there. One of the improvements was to convert a standard search box to an auto-completing comboBox. Ext made it really easy, but...
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