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    Yeah, the ID of the HTML element whos onclick event I wanted to handle.
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    The following works fine for me

    // retrieve the HTML element with an ID equals to 'settings'
    RootPanel link = RootPanel.get("settings");
  4. Verified fixed.

    Thank you very much for the quick fix!
  5. System setup used:

    Windows 7
    GWT 2.3.0
    GXT 2.2.4
    Firefox 3.6.17

    I have an application where a model is bound to several forms and I noticed that binding checkboxes fails for some...
  6. Open the FormPanel class, in the class definition you will see what method to use.
  7. I don't see how this would work...
  8. What you look for is event.getItem();

    SelectionListener<MenuEvent> listener = new SelectionListener<MenuEvent>() {
    public void...
  9. What you could do is to use one listener that all the MenuItem's use/share.
  10. It is impossible to know what the issue if you do not provide any code examples.
  11. Ah.. that makes sense. Thanks!
  12. GWT 2.0.3
    GXT - Latest 2.2 build
    Windows 7

    I noticed that the column width of a grid will be incorrect if the store is updated while the grid has been removed from the layout.

    Steps to...
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    See the reply above yours...
  14. Thanks, I will try that out
  15. @Pandaman, did you find any good solution to this? I have the same issue where I cannot extend TreeGridCellRenderer due to not having access to certain methods.
  16. I would recommend you to read the GWT documentation first before starting with Ext-GWT.
  17. What is complicated with extending a class?

  18. You could extend the PagingToolBar to have access to the buttons (since their modifier is set to protected).
  19. I would also rethink this application design. Its not exactly user friendly to show so many columns.

    Why not instead show the most important columns in the grid and then show the rest of the...
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    You might wanna check out the different layout examples.
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    Haven't used the ModalPanel myself, but you can achieve the same using a Dialog

    public void onModuleLoad() {
    Button button = new Button("OK", new SelectionListener<ButtonEvent>() {...
  23. I recommend you inspecting the DOM (lots of free tools out there you can use, such as the DOM Inspector for Firefox etc) of the button to see how it is built.

    Using such a tool you will notice...
  24. I am sorry, I made a obvious mistake.

    The field should not be dirty if I used a DateField right? I changed the field "nameField" to a DateField and it still tells me that the form is dirty.

  25. Windows 7
    GWT 1.7.1
    GXT 2.1.1

    Steps to reproduce

    Load testcase
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