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  1. Try and remove the layout:'fit' from your tabpanel.
  2. Try this:

    Your items and your info panels should not be fullscreen. Remove the fullscreen:true tag for both of them, however keep the one in the tabpanel. I had a problem with this last time too.
  3. Hi, however, when I tried to alert(success), it keeps coming up as false. I am trying to use it on the OAuth of Facebook so that my users can login to their facebook without being redirected away...
  4. Hi,
    Then how do we display url frm external sources like
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    I am doing an app that finds a user's data and display it.(Nothing illegal, just a proof of concept)
    Anyway, I used to Ext.Ajax request to request for the information saved in a...
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    Hello, I have a tabPanel which has 5 tabs, each of which has 1 Panel. What I want is for example I have a button in Panel 1, and when I click on it I want it to bring me to Panel 1a(which is not in...
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    Hello, I am currently doing a personal project but I have met with a problem with the Ext.Map. Everything works perfectly, from the markers to the locations, however, the map zoom panel, navigation...
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