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  1. I add a listener to my grid for workaround:

    viewConfig: {
    plugins: {
    ptype: 'gridviewdragdrop',
    dragGroup: 'secondGridDDGroup',
  2. Thanks for reply, this solution works, but unstable for my case.
    Here my grid with buttons 35157
    It is in card layout, and somtimes after hide/show events it is shows like this: 35158
    After resize...
  3. Changed
    this.createAlias('apply', 'applyTemplate'); to
    this.createAlias('applyTemplate', 'apply');
    Firefox don't crash anymore, but plugin don't work - I see [object Object] instead of my...
  4. waiting for 4.1 version too
  5. ExtJS 4.0.7 - problem still present
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