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  1. Mmh, I adjusted my index.html and as expected, it did not influence the error.
    Then I tried to remove the "requires" field of the claimed classes inside of "app-all.js".

    This helped to do not...
  2. Yes, that's exactly the way, I understood it as well.

    My index.orig.html file, which is used for the build looks like:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
  3. Hey,
    I tried to replace the sencha-touch.js file with the sencha-touch-debug.js file in my updated application.
    But this does not work either. The "creating own build" - guide states that the...
  4. Thanks for the hint. I will try it tomorrow an will report!

  5. Hello,
    I'm trying to assemble my own build.

    I created my jsb file with:

    sencha create jsb -a index.orig.html -p project.jsb3

    and the app-all.js and all-classes.js with:
  6. No, sorry. I accepted the statement, that you can not test everything with Jasmine.

    And just a couple of weeks later, I stopped testing with Jasmine at all. Instead of TDD I'm follow the BDD...
  7. Same issue with SenchaSDKTools 2.0.0 beta for MAC OSx Lion.

    platform: IOSSImulator works,

    AndroidEmulator does not create or tell me anything.
  8. I did not extend the controller. I extended the views.

    But after trying to tell the components, to listen themselves to the events, and changing it back, it works curiously now.
    I'm not able to...
  9. Hey,
    I'm confronted with a strange behavior with 2 controllers, which should listen to complete different views, whereas one view extends the other.

    The view Register extends the view Myaccount....
  10. Yes, you're absolutely right!

    Thank you very much, now it works, of course *g

  11. Hey,
    I'm trying to update my pr3 ST2 app to the current beta2 version.
    Unfortunately, I cannot figure out, how to listen to change events of my stores.

    Before I was able to execute:

  12. Hello,
    it seems like the Ext.Map component doesn't get initialized correctly when it is configured for using the current location - with RC1 it worked as expected.

    For example:

  13. Sorry Mitchell, I don't get your point. Are you saying, that this is still work in progress and I have to live with that?

    The grouping is consistant, but new Items do not get allocated correct (by...
  14. Hello all,
    I want to show elements of a store grouped in a list.

    After some time of struggling I even got my grouped list (I had to set the attribute grouped dynamically using the setter...
  15. Thanks for the workaround. I had similar troubles.

    Because I set the zoom attribute, I even had to go a step further and trigger the zoom event too.

  16. This seems to be a different problem. At least in Chrome the list reflects the changes, now - even after one refresh. But I just want to be sure, that the order will be updated.

    Are you sure,...
  17. Thanks a lot, even if the result looks ridiculous :-)

    this.getMessagesStore().sort("timestamp", "DESC");
    for(var i =0;i<5; i++){
    this.getMessageList().refresh(); ...
  18. The article!/guide/testing from Jonathan Grimes helps to get a better understanding of the possibilites of testing ST with Jasmine.
  19. Hey there,
    I already struggle with the sort order of items in a list the whole day.

    If I change the order of elements in my store, my list doesn't get updated.
    All examples I've found are a...
  20. Hello,
    I've problems with testing my (first) ST MVC Application and after 2 days of reading almost everything I could find, I really hope, you could help me out ;-)

    Because I read that the...
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