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  1. Just in case someone runs into this via google (like I did), the way to solve this is to do the following:

    If your data has a children field, then it will not asynchronously load children.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions above.

    Here is my override for ExtJs 3.3.1 which does a couple of things:
    1) Prevents the scrollwheel from cancelling any edits you might have made (which is really...
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    Hi ivanleblanc,

    Thank you so much for porting this excellent plugin to Ext4.

    It works perfectly for me, straight out of the box :D

    I particularly like the way it will search after a short...
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    You need to give your textfield an id.

    So your code might look like this:

    new Ext.form.TextField({
    width: '82%',
    id: 'textField1',
    name: 'textField1',
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    If using ExtJS 3.3.0, and LovCombo, then you will need to make the following modification to Ext.ux.grid.RecordForm.js:

    On line 300, replace this:

    // use cm editor if we have one...
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    Thanks Mystix, I was running 2.2.1 previously (which didn't parse dates well, hence the override).
    Hopefully this helps someone else who is migrating to Ext 3.
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    I was banging my head against this one, if it's happening to you then chances are you've got an override.js file kicking around somewhere to let ExtJS 2 parse dates correctly.

    Get rid of the...
  8. Thank you Hanne, this allowed me to solve a similar problem that I was having with IE8 displaying my search box 21 pixels lower than it should have:

    // For IE8 to stop it drawing the search...
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    Many thanks Thomberg, this has been annoying my users for about six months, and I finally managed the right combination of keywords to find your post!

    For the record it also happens in XP.
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    Hi Saki,

    I ran into a problem where the cookies were getting too big for apache... did lots of searches, and eventually found my way to your site, yet again! It seems that every time I hit a...
  11. Thanks Condor, I wasn't aware that stateEvents was already set.

    The problem turned out to be a corrupted cookie on that particular machine, I cleared the cookies and everything is working as...
  12. No.

    All column data as well as headers are visible. It's as if IE isn't trying to restore the state.

    Does anyone think that it could it be related to a cookie-size limitation in IE?
  13. Hi,

    I'm trying to preserve state in a GridPanel. I have taken the GridPanel example and added the following lines:

    stateful: true,
    stateEvents: ['click'],
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    My project heavily uses ajax, loads lots of different windows in many different tabs, and I needed a way to print just the information I wanted from wherever the button happened to be. The problem...
  15. Hi Saki,

    Just came across a problem, if the text in the combo has a regex reserved character, then the LovCombo dies in the onBeforeQuery function.

    Line 166 should be replaced with this one:
  16. If you're trying to get this field to automatically fill itself in with the correct values (like any other form item will when editing a record) then you need the following code. This is slightly...
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    Hi Saki, following the above link fixed the problem :D

    Many thanks kevinwu8 =D>
  18. Hi Saki,

    Yes, the multiple values bug is now fixed. When I select "Door end panel" with your old code, it will then select "Door" as well. The new code only selects "Door end panel" which is the...
  19. Hi Saki,

    I can test it in around 12 hours (away from that machine at the moment). I'll test it and get back to you then.
  20. Hi Saki,

    Yes I'm not saying that this snippet is up to the standard of the rest of your code, or that it will work for anyone else apart from me... but it might steer someone else in the right...
  21. Hi Dumbledore,

    The following should fix your problem (I was having similar issues with entries called "Door" and "Door Panel"). Use at your own risk though... ;)

    Many thanks for making...
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    Hi Saki,

    I'm having exactly the same problem. If I just use your example code then there's no problem, but if I bind the field to some data inside a ux.grid.RecordForm, then it remains at 12:00...
  23. Hi,

    Thanks for some great code, it's very useful.

    However I've found some problems with it. Here they are:

    1) It doesn't behave properly when loading information from a gridPanel that uses...
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