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  1. Nice ;) Just a detail you have to be aware of on the code below. You're using toolbar, button and messagebox components, but nowhere telling that these are required by the class.

    Remember to...
  2. I've packaged a few apps, but I always go with the terminal route instead of using Ripple. Here's the blackberry guide for this.

    It's just a few commands.

    1 - You use Sencha Cmd for...
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    Thanks @mediahack. We found a bug :) WebStorage class (parent of LocalStorage) is overriding updateModel and not calling the parent. As a result, the model doesn't propagate to the reader, and this...
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    Reader is associated with the Proxy, which is then associated to the store. This should do it:

    var recordset = resStore.getProxy().getReader().readRecords(data);...
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    I don't think we ever delete posts unless they are spam, but yeah...I can't see any related post either for your user (see your posts).

    Would you mind publishing this on the Sencha Touch channel...
  6. Sorry to hear that @kerndata. Not having a response in all these channels is pretty unusual, but let me try make it up to you.

    Instead of using your post entitled "Problems posting to forum" and...
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    The JsonReader is the one responsible for reading your data and figuring the mapping out. Since you're using setData() directly, you're bypassing this process.

    If you check method applyData on...
  8. Hi @Mikele, that sounds like the framework trying to load the 'listpaging' plugin dynamically. It will fail as a packaged app. It's related to XHR requests and cross-domain exceptions.

    You should...
  9. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
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    Nice catch! I've just updated the code and tested against IE, Firefox and others... Should be ok now.
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    I've just updated it. You might want to check again ;)
  12. I noticed the same change... My workaround was this:

    xtype: 'segmentedbutton',
    allowDepress: false,
    items: [{
    text: 'One',
    itemId: 'one',
    pressed: true
  13. Proxy has a onDestroy method that also destroys Reader and Writer, you might want to add this on your override.

    Ext.define('ProxyDestroyFix', {

  14. Easy workaround:
  15. The best would have engineer fix this, but a workaround is use the old way:

    MyApp.view.Login.superclass.initialize.apply(this, arguments);

    Or a short version (new for me, but I guess it...
  16. You have a typo when declaring the fieldset items. You used item, change for items. Not only there, but when declaring form items as well.
  17. I believe you can do that with renderer, just like the original index.html example available with the source code

    header :...
  18. I think you're missing scope:this.

    url: 'handler.php',
    method: 'POST',
    scope: this, //<--- fix scope problem
    success: function(form, action) {
  19. Touch has a repaint method:!/api/Ext-method-repaint
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    I felt like writing a quick example, here it is: Animate components in a view
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    Hello @allisterf, sorry for the waiting. To animate components you can use showAnimation or hideAnimation config options. So you could init your button with hidden: true, and then call...
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    Wow, all the theming looks perfectly on Architect! Good initiative Luca. Mind if I blog about it as well? ;)
  23. Another Ext to NodeJS project?

    Yes, yes... I know that there are a bunch of other guys trying to export Ext JS capabilities to Node, but they all sound to much for me! Some try to rewrite all Ext...
  24. The problem is, once you tell the datastore to load, there's nothing you could do to prevent grid of being populated. You can't do post-processing and check if the data loaded is really from the...
  25. I think the best would be abort old request, so we save some processing and stuff. We could make your store local, and fill it with a regular Ext.Ajax request. Maybe this snippet could help you out: ...
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