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  1. Just wanted to include a link to this issue on Google Groups as it is indeed a bug with Chrome and unrelated to Sencha Touch.
  2. Another thing that is odd is that the titles in my toolbars are all being truncated and show an ellipses. Isn't like this in Safari, only chrome.
  3. Now that Chrome doesn't want to clear everything I am now manually clearing it in the console via localStorage.clear();
  4. I've finally got a workaround and thought you all might be interested.

    It appears to be some odd caching going on with PhantomJS, so simply delete the supporting PhantomJS folder on your machine...
  5. Anyone having any issues with Google Chrome v21.x and localStorage not being cleared, even after you completely dump the browsing data/cache? I've seen it on three different computers, both Win and...
  6. I'm just looping back on this. Does this seem like a bug or is it just not able to function in the context that I've created?

    I'm thinking that if the data property has to be set when the...
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    Thanks for the reply Mitchell. In my example, If I set the data config with inline data when the dataview is instansiated and I tap set data, it appends the records to the dataview. It seems that is...
  8. No, it doesn't look like it. Does it need a height/width since I am using an hbox layout with flex:1?

    These are the empty rows:
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    I should add that setData works if I set the data config with inline data when instantiated but if data config is null, the correct amount of rows are display but are blank.
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    I'm loading records from a store and passing the mixed collection to setData() in order to update a DataView but it does not work. I decided to write a test app to confirm my results. It's attached...
  11. bump!
  12. Just upgraded my app from 2.0 to and every dataview in my app that uses an XTemplate will display the proper amount of rows/items but there is no output. I've tried both itemTpl to Tpl with...
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    like this:

    var groupListTemplate = new Ext.XTemplate(
    '<div class="nav-product-list-item {selector}-bg">',
    '<div class="nav-group-left">',
  14. Each field needs to be setup like this:

    {name: 'parent', type: 'int'},
    {name: 'title', type: 'string'}

    Change your fields to be:
  15. It worked briefly but for some reason now the build process fails on any .load() call. I resorted to doing a setAutoLoad: true, which works for the first localstore only. Any subsequent setAutoLoad's...
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    Check yo self before yo wreck yo self!!!!

    JK, you already wrecked. Most of your posts are questions that have nothing to do with Sencha or are just plain ignorant. Before you ask a question like...
  17. I had to rework my update functionality to include the addition of .load(). Good solution because I fire my update method immediately after launch and by then the stores are already defined and my...
  18. Any update on this? The work around doesn't work for me and neither does adding Ext.getStore('LocalContent').setAutoLoad(true); to the app.js launch method.

    I can't produce a production build...
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    If you are using Phonegap/Cordova, the localStorage issue has been addressed. Basically what happens is the app copies the localstorage data file to a permanent folder. As far as how this was...
  20. Just got this working with ST2 and Cordova 1.6.1:


    <html manifest="" lang="en-US">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
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    I've got some variables set outside of the main app namespace and I'm using them in various places. It works fine throughout the app when I am in development but after I use sencha command to produce...
  22. @prudvi see here:
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    Thanks for the suggestion Andrea. I pretty much did just that...

    I created a method within my main class that calls the GA _trackPageView method and passes the section/page-title to GA. When I...
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    I'm just starting to work on this now... wish there were some more examples at least. I currently have the GA code in my index.html but that only captures the initial visit. I plan on implementing...
  25. I haven't implemented the solution yet but will be doing so next week. From what little I know about this, the plugin basically handles the process of moving the LocalStorage DB from the temporary...
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