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  1. Thanks Greg for your in depth reply. I've had a chance to play with DW CC a bit and it doesn't make things appealing to me so I may as well stick to Architect for Sencha technology.

    One comment...
  2. Thanks dawesi

    My take on it so far is that it appears to be easier to prototype with jQuery Mobile using something like Codiqa, which feels more intuitive than Architect, and then once the App is...
  3. Thanks. Yes, there is a question about performance of jQuery vs Sencha tech. Does one have a lead on the other in terms of performance, native abilities, scope etc? I understand jQuery can be slow in...
  4. I haven't used Dreamweaver for a few years but it looks like the new version Dreamweaver CC does much the same job as Sencha but uses jQuery - which has had some issues with performance but is...
  5. Just wondering if anyone has compared the 2?

    Interested to hear about stability, ease of use, speed of development etc.
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    Maybe post some code and/or screenshots to show where you're at...
  7. Same here...
  8. I've changed the Label font sizes, no problem but the Title font Style doesn't seem to register.

    After finding a post about Themeing, I've tried different code e.g. fontSize: 30 and "fontSize":30...
  9. Turns out that Architect generates default colors. If you delete those, the color in Style config is shown.

    Now I'm getting somewhere... slowly:">
  10. Anybody?
  11. Wondering of someone could direct me to a good place to start for interacting with Sencha charts. For example, I'd like to be able to tap a bar chart and effect it's value (size).

    I've tried...
  12. Oh for Sencha Architect to work as well as Codiqa for jQuery Mobile! Getting this to work cross platform there takes less than a minute!:s

    The example given doesn't even work on my Android...
  13. Interestingly, placeHolder doesn't work in Chrome but it does on the Android.

    (EDIT: If autoselect is checked, it has the above effect. Works as in Android when deselected)

    This component seems...
  14. I've populated a Select Field from a json file which displays correctly when clicked.

    However, when I tap the same on a Galaxy Note II it doesn't respond - unless its off screen somewhere.

  15. Ok, found the problem.

    The .json file was created with Notepad with a .json extension but I had renamed the file from a .txt file which meant it had the wrong association in Windows. This meant...
  16. I've tried the suggestions above but still get the 404.0 Error File Not Found on my localhost

    It's definitely there, I have a .json MIME type and I've validated the JSON

    Any other ideas to get...
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    Thanks to diffMerge I found out that the last issue was down to a typo in storeId

    datalist vs dataList

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    So, I deleted the Controller as it seemed that something in the script was in the wrong order.

    I followed the controller tutorial section and then got this:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call...
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    Looks like it's to do with this somewhere:

    getLocation: function() {
    if (navigator && navigator.geolocation) {
    navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(position) {
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    I've just followed the tutorial and tried to run the demo locally and get a blank screen.

    In the tools in Chrome I get the following:

    Uncaught ReferenceError: callback is not defined

  21. Ok, so the issue on Azure and getting the site to work was is as follows.

    Create a simple web.config file.
    Make sure the .json MIME type is inserted correctly.
    Upload to Azure
    Restart the...
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    Ok, cool. Thanks
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    Any news on the update? No sign of it in my 2.1 version.

  24. Seems to be something to do with MIME types on the server. Thought I'd try Azure but it doesn't make it easy to add a .json type.

    Anyone done this using the Dashboard/Configure rather than editing...
  25. I've used a different method to upload and it's better than before - now I get an empty grid and chart from the CarListings tutorial.

    The error in the console is 404 File not found for the...
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