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  1. The classic toolkit can be used on desktop or tablet (as previously described). The modern toolkit can be used on touch-first/only devices like tablets and phones; saying "mobile" isn't descriptive...
  2. The $base-color SASS variable is used throughout all the styles and therefore you'd have to override quite a few CSS rules to have the same effect.
  3. The response when you load the json, does if have the utf8 charset?
  4. Your web app needs to be on a server but it's up to you where those pieces actually live. For simplicity, nothing wrong with having your app on your node server. If you want separation of concerns,...
  5. Couldn't you listen to the itemtap event on the chart?
  6. The base color is a SASS variable that is then compiled when you run an application build, not during application runtime.
  7. Replies
    What do you mean "two single pages"? As in two separate apps? Two different builds of the same app? Something else that's custom?
  8. Have you tried using the metaData functionality instead? The store would then get the metachange event fired.
  9. Instead of tag have you tried namespace?
  10. This is improper use of the responsiveConfig, the responsiveConfig is only for components, not stores. Also, responsiveConfig works off the browser's viewport size, not what toolkit you are using.
  11. The section numbers were in the google doc but when the guide was created looks like they were left out. I've opened a bug to fix that (EXTJS-19197 for reference).

    Ext JS is expecting {"success":...
  12. Fit layout only expects a single inner component. An inner component is a component that is not docked and not floating. If there are multiple inner components, the first one will be the one you will...
  13. Check out the Router guide especially under the "Hash Parameter Formatting":

    Take note the default...
  14. Isn't MyApp.model.Base a model? It's just a base model.
  15. Classic toolkit, unless on a device reporting as touch enabled, only uses the overflow CSS properties.
  16. The SASS is mapped to the class name also depending on the sass.namespace setting.

    By default, packages are configured to work off the Ext namespace (open package.json and then look for...
  17. Is there a use case that you would need to use it?
  18. Try with this patch (untested, typed off top of my head):

    Ext.define('', {
    override : '',

    redirectTo: function(token, force) {
  19. Looking at how Ext.grid.column.Column allows it's renderer config to optionally be placed in a ViewController, the key is using Ext.callback. Here is an example of how it can be done for the getClass...
  20. Unless the buttons are already instantiated.
  21. We just added Sketch and Omnigraffle:
  22. We’re excited to announce that Ext JS Stencils is now available for Sketch and Omnigraffle. With Ext JS Stencils, designers have a complete and free UI asset kit for Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, or...
  23. Nothing wrong with using the new keyword so long as the class is already loaded. In fact, the new keyword is much more performant.

    remote is default for queryMode.
  24. Looks like the mock data overrides aren't hooking into 4.0.7 as if I select 4.2.1 it works.
  25. You should keep an eye out on our blog, Twitter and we have a whole forum for it:
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