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  1. Angular brackets in data grid

    I would put that in the <ItemTemplate> of the an asp:templatecolumn for the datagrid...for example:

    <asp:TemplateColumn HeaderText="Name">
  2. [OPEN] Two bugs for combobox

    If ComboBox.js were modified to add an onLoad event to the store when the combobox is constructed, then this would solve the problem. Something to the effect of:
  3. [OPEN] i will check out those concepts and i will try.....

    i will check out those concepts and i will try.. after that i will give the solution for that....

    Cegonsoft web 2.0 training
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  5. using extjs instead of jquery for couchdb

    I think this one may be useful for you,

    First of all letís start with basic rule and itís also a best practice when you write JQuery Plugins : to make sure that what you are writing doesnít make...
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