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    FIXED: Dates in grid off by one day early

    I'm late to the table, but I was having this exact issue with ExtJs 4.2 and confirmed I have the same issue with 3.4. The problem was that in my grid's model, I had this:

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    [OPEN] So I assume there would be no need for this patch...

    So I assume there would be no need for this patch now and this thread should be marked CLOSED? ~o)
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    Thanks, adrianmirjan

    I wanted to post a big THANK YOU to adrianmirjan for the SimpleLink component he shared:

    I found...
  4. I appreciate the folks trying to help me...

    I appreciate the folks trying to help me understand ExtJs. :) Realize I wrote that original post in March 2008. I recently (2014) expressed I've been using ExtJs extensively since then. While I'm...
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    Default expanded group in grouped grid?

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'isCollapsed' of undefined

    I get the above error when using my grid's afterrender event to trigger my grouping feature's expand('SomeColumnName', true)...
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    SOLVED! ?

    So here is my solution (so far). It is almost identical to the original idea from mitchellsimoens except I removed a tiny bit--notice there is no call to this.callParent():

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    My brain hurts

    A coworker who is smarter than me explained that the issue is that when I created my own getParams() method, I lost the hierarchy chain that the existing method had attached to it. That is why...
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    ExtJs 4.2.2: override submit action getParams()

    Always good stuff from mitchelsimoens! This is exactly what I want to do. This is an old thread, and I'm now using 4.2.2. The 4.2.2 source code for this function really has not changed:

  9. Still hungry

    Well, it's been over 5 years since I started this thread! I have continued to use ExtJs extensively with much success. However, the overall theme of my original post still rings true for me. While I...
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    Unable to edit post

    Post editing is broken again, but different problem now. Same issue in IE, FF, Chrome for me. Can't edit, go advanced, or delete because the CKEDITOR is not defined.

    CKEDITOR is not defined
  11. Set form 'action' in Ext4?

    I don't believe christophercheng's question has been answered. I have exactly the same question. The scenario is a rather obscure one I suppose. It's the situation where you want to submit a form to...
  12. SOLVED you can send a StandardSubmit config object in your submit. The jsFiddle below shows a working Ext 4.2 solution. Note that it will attempt to pop a window to demonstrate the technique--your...
  13. Form getEl()? I don't think so!

    Old thread, but I sit here today facing same issue. I have Ext3 based code that does what I show in this jsFiddle.

    It creates a form (that actually has no UI)...
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    [FIXED] Bug? Not my call.

    Thank you for the reply.

    I always take the humble approach that I have misunderstood the product rather than assume a bug. I've been doing this for over 20 years--there have been way too many...
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    [FIXED] TextMetrics in v4 ignores container styles

    I used jsfiddle to demonstrate the problem as simply as I can. Both create a new TextMetrics instance from a DIV that has a basic style applied. Then I get the width of a single space. Play with the...
  16. Unable to edit post

    I was going to edit my previous post, but that feature is broken (in Chrome at least) with

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'click' of undefined

    Anywho...I wanted to point out that I...
  17. Border Layout with region height forced to fit content

    So after a few more hours of fiddling, I got it working. I'm posting here for the benefit of others and to provide an opportunity for those who know a better way to teach me. See the jsFiddle here:
  18. Resizing container to children

    I too am struggling to "simply" have a container (panel) size it's height to "fit" it's content. With the caveat that if the content is too big to fit the max possible height (constrained by it's own...
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    Poll: Big thanks to MaxT for showing me how to enable a...

    Big thanks to MaxT for showing me how to enable a different scope within the summary renderer handlers....
  20. I try to architect my application objects in such...

    I try to architect my application objects in such a way that the scope is natural, but it never fails, if the app has any complexity at all, I end up needing to fudge some things here and there. The...
  21. SOLUTION: Scollbars when tabpanel nested in a form or another tabpanel

    For completeness, and my own reference, I had to solve this same problem for more complex component nesting. Again, the issue I struggled with was getting a vertical scrollbar in individual tabs as...
  22. Solution!

    The solution is this one line in the center region config:

    layout: 'fit'

    var ui = new Ext.Viewport({
    layout : "border",
    items : [ ...
  23. Problem exists in v4 as well

    I confirm the problem is the same in v4 (ext-4.0.2a). See this live example:

    To see the problem (lack of scrollbar), load the...
  24. autoScroll does not work for TabPanel nested in border layout

    SOLVED! See post below for solution.
    (Note, I was unable to edit the title on this post because the "Go Advanced" button produced a "PATHS is undefined" javascript error.)
    ISSUE: When a TabPanel...
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    Really? The solution worked? These properties...

    Really? The solution worked? These properties aren't even listed as valid properties in the documentation:


    I am having what I think is the same issue, but struggling to...
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